Terry Mcauliffe Goes Wonkerdoodle

I really hope Tucker Carlson and MSNBC get this exchange out on video. First, pure BDS by Terry:

MCAULIFFE:  Well, let me remind you, Tucker, that 9/11 occurred under George Bush‘s watch. 

CARLSON:  I got—I got that, Terry, several months in. 

MCAULIFFE:  9/11 occurred when George Bush was president of the United States. 

CARLSON:  But hold on.  Wait, wait, wait.  Wait a second.  You‘re dodging the question, just as your former boss dodged the question. 

MCAULIFFE:  I‘m not dodging anything.  9/11 occurred on George Bush.  He‘s got to stand up…

CARLSON:  Look, I‘m not here—I‘m not here to defend the president‘s response to al Qaeda or the administration in any way.  I am merely here to talk about the legacy of the Clinton administration…

MCAULIFFE:  Really?  And I‘m here to talk about George Bush.

There are several more "Bush was president on 9/11's" in the discussion, as well. That just starts it off.

CARLSON:  You‘ve got to—you know what?  Firing the man who‘s writing your talking points, I say. 

I worked for CNN at the time.  On our air at CNN Peter Bergen talked to Osama bin Laden over at ABC.  Their correspondent, John Miller, talked to Osama bin Laden.  And he said, Guess what?  I‘ve declared war on the United States.  I‘m going to kill you. 

So for you to say that the Clinton administration had no idea he was a threat or had declared war on us?  It was on TV. 

MCAULIFFE:  Tucker, a lot of people say things every day about the United States of America.  But instead of talking to your CNN correspondents you‘ve got to have proof.  George Bush likes to act without it.

CARLSON:  Got to have proof?  Oh, OK.

MCAULIFFE:  After September 11th he became enemy number one and George Bush did nothing.  He disbanded the operation inside the CIA to get rid of him.  He let him walk out of Tora Bora.  George Bush knew he was the number one enemy and he did nothing.

I wonder if Terry realizes his is demeaning the soldiers of the USA and Coalition forces when he says that, which wasn't the first time in the interview. And give it up to Tucker for slapping Terry around.


Then, apparently, Terri thinks Tuckers bow tie is on to tight. Nothing like arguing by invective. Standard liberal doctrine.

CARLSON:  Why can‘t you just evaluate—I‘m not even wearing a bow tie, man.

MCAULIFFE:  You‘re not?  Oh, you‘re out in California now, so you‘re going to wear dance stuff.  So you‘re not wearing the bow tie anymore?

CARLSON:  Look, if somebody—look, if somebody says something, why not just say, you know what?  That‘s either reasonable, it‘s unreasonable, and here is why.

Why is it always a personal attack against the motives of the person asking the question?  Why is that your style?  Why?  That‘s what children do.  You‘re not a child.

MCAULIFFE:  Tucker, you must be from outer space or you‘re out in California taking some hallucinogenic drugs.  You‘re telling me about FOX?

To imagine, Terry Mcauliffe is one of the grand high poobahs in the Democratic Party. No wonder all the little sheeple are insane.

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6 Responses to “Terry Mcauliffe Goes Wonkerdoodle”

  1. I may have to change my bitch slap recipient tomorrow from Clinton to Terri.

  2. Scrapiron says:

    You mean Terry McGoofy has excaped from the zoo, again. The talking cartoons have ruined the comic book industry.

  3. William Teach says:

    The Dems drag Clinton out on the stump 6 years after he left office to pretend they have a spine, and Terry out on the stump to show they are all wacko.

  4. Ogre says:

    GOES Wonkerdoodle? That implies that at some point in time he was sane.

  5. William Teach says:

    Well, it is all by degrees.

  6. Stacy says:

    I’m not really surprised, but Gebuz; the finger pointing is absurd. Will these people ever realize how ridiculous they sound? Like spoiled children.

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