Obama: Dems Need A Plan For National Security

This definately goes in the "dumbazz statement of the month" category

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., warned Democratic activists Sunday that the party must take a tougher stance on national security if it wants to succeed in the November elections.

"What Democrats have to do is to close the deal," said Obama, the keynote speaker at Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's 29th annual steak fry. "We have got to show we have a serious agenda for change."

Five years beyond 9/11, and the Democrats have to "close the deal?" They haven't been serious on national security since Kennedy was president, and, even then, Democrats as far back as FDR were allowing communist subversion of the country. Project Venona proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What Obama is saying is that the Democrats need to patronize and, quite frankly, lie, to win in November.

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3 Responses to “Obama: Dems Need A Plan For National Security”

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  2. Ogre says:


    Did you say “Steak Fry?”

    Are Democrats really so confused, they actually FRY steaks?

  3. LOL. They are clueless, aren’t they.

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