Crikey! Dems Oppose Global Trade

In a shocker (sic), Democrats have admitted that they actually oppose things. Of course, in another shocker, they offer no alternatives!

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi urged colleagues in July to vote against a trade agreement with Oman, proclaiming that Democrats' first order of business if they win control of the House this fall will be stopping companies from moving jobs overseas.

While it does stink that companies move operations overseas, the Democrats do not realize that business from overseas comes to the USA. It is the global economy. Funny how they want globization for everything else, and are always looking to the U.N. and other countries for advice, law, how they do things, etc.

Think about it. What the Democrats want is restraint of trade. They want the government of the United States to interfere with the operations of private companies. Wasn't part of the reason we had a revolution back in the late 1700's because of governmental interference? Just one more step down the road to their brand of Socialism, ie, control of private life.

The second third of their opposition is because they want the companies tax money for the Nanny State policies. They fail to realize that high taxes leads to lower revenues, especially when companies fold.

The third of three?

Her counterpart in the Senate, Sen. Harry Reid, also said the deal with Oman should be rejected. "I have heard a lot of people lament the decline of bipartisanship in trade policy," he said. "I think if you were to date this decline, it would have started in 2001," the year President Bush took office.

In other words, the Democrats had hissy fits over Gore losing a race where Bill Clinton didn't seem to be enthused in backing Gore, and are taking it our on Bush. And, yes, Gore did lose. Conspiracy theories do no trump facts.

But, it is all a knee jerk reaction, which offers no viable, positive alternatives. Matter of fact, the Democrats over no alternatives at all. Just complains, whining, and opposition.

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