New Lib Talking Point: No Israeli’s Are Civilians

The libs are so cute. Rather then honestly debating the current fighting between Israel an Hezbollah, the have come up with a new talking point, which goes like this:

  1. All Israeli's must serve for a period (3 years for men, 2 for women) in the Israeli military when they turn 18
  2. Civilians are people not in the military
  3. Hence, all Israeli's 18 and over are not civilians

This allows the Leftards to claim that there are no Israeli civilians being killed.

But, what is a civilian?

A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military or police.

Not an active member. So those who have served their time and are either out of the military or in the Reseves are considered civilians. If they are called up, then they are no longer civilians. Till then, they are civilians.

Technically, all members of the U.S. National Guard are civilians, till they are called up to active duty.

This is just another argument by the Left to back Hezbollah, as well as excuse Hezbollah's specific targeting of the civilian population.

Of course, the Left excuses Palestinian homicide bombers who detonate themselves near pregnant women, too. In their minds, only a woman was killed, though. Same with this pregnant women and her 4 children:

A pregnant mother and her four daughters were shot dead on Sunday by terrorists as they drove on the Kissufim road in the Gaza Strip, THE JERUSALEM POST reported. Tali Hatuel, 34, who was 8 months pregnant, and her daughters, Hila, 11, Hadar, nine, Roni, seven, and Merav, two, were shot at point-blank range, after initial gunshots brought their car to a halt.

Were they all active members of the IDF?

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5 Responses to “New Lib Talking Point: No Israeli’s Are Civilians”

  1. dr. jeff says:

    Great post. The Libs are getting more pathetic by the day.

  2. kraussm says:

    well Teach
    do you think people ought to revise their beliefs just because facts point in a different direction? how closed minded of you! don’t be such a hater!!

  3. Well, I don’t expect the Left to change their attitudes, unless Soros tells them to 🙂

  4. Dickos Fortuna says:

    Well, that’s pretty stupid isn’t it? I have never heard any “lib” debating that idiotic issue, in fact, you are the only person I have ever known to raise such a ridiculous issue. People are people, when they are killed, it is a tragedy. How about we do just what you are bemoaning, and debate the actual issue at hand, that Israel has killed about 400 lebanese people (not civilans or militants, just people; i.e: human beings), and Hizbollah have killed about thirty. And the Israeli’s also appeared to have deliberately shelled a UN compund, killing four moderators (which has resulted in the UN considering pulling out of the region completely… Wouldn’t that be great, then they could do what they like!),not to mention a red-cross base. And now that they have distracted everyone by invading Beirut, guess what? The tanks are rolling back into Gaza(Killing a further ten civilians including a 3 year old girl). The U.S. creates photo opportunities of delivering pathetic aid resources draped in US flags, all the while pumping depleted uranium munitions into Israel’s defence force. Depleted Uranium? Heard of that? Well it has flooded Afghanistan, Iraq, and now it’s on the way into Lebanon. And on, and on. If you don’t want to lose faith in your govenment right now, don’t google Depleted Uranium, because it’s the most disgusting example of modern genocide (against your own soldiers I might add) I have ever heard.
    I am a Pirate. I support the under-dog,not because they are the under-dog, but because they are being un-justly conquered and ruined, their culture stomped on in the mainstream media, while the sofa-sitting bloggers of America sit around talking shit about the arabs and making videos of themselves shooting the Koran. Your country is dying, and your democracy has died. Smell the coffee America, you need regime change. Capitalism is eating the world as it watches.

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