Daily Archives: July 11, 2006

Use Nuclear Power To Fight Global Warming

Via Al Reuters: Britain must build new nuclear power plants, generate more electricity from wind and waves and curb domestic demand to fight global warming as well as keeping the lights burning, Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman. "Wishful thinking will not keep the lights on," he told reporters on Tuesday. "Nuclear is not the only […]

Colorado Stepping Up To The Illegal Immigration Plate

And, might I say, way to go! Colorado lawmakers ended a five-day special session on illegal immigration with a resounding approval of several bills that Democrats call the toughest in the nation and Republicans say don't go far enough. The legislation sent late Monday to Republican Gov. Bill Owens would force a million people receiving […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Pirate’s, Aaarrrrr!

Aaarrrrr, Matey's, it seems that a whole new brand of diplomacy be openin' up in the New World (h/t to Beth at MVRWC). From Scrappleface (2006-07-10) — With Time magazine’s announcement that the era of President George Bush’s ‘cowboy diplomacy‘ has officially ended, the weekly opinion journal will announce next week the start of the […]

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