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Just Have To Ask

Are we watching the true start of WWIII? Alot of pundits are throwing the phrase around. Remember, WWI started with an innocuous event, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. WWII with Japan attacking deep into China in '37 and Germany with its attack on Poland in '39. Who thought any of that could lead […]


Anyone catch this by Paul Nowack at Townhall? Click for full size.

Good News From Iraq. How’d That Make the AFP?

No, really, how is it possible that a good story on Iraq make the Big Media, much less being on the front page of Yahoo News? SAMAWA, Iraq (AFP) – Iraqis have taken charge of security in the southern province of Muthanna, replacing British and Australian forces in the first such transfer of responsibility in […]

Stop The ACLU Blogburst: American Criminal Liberties Union

From the official blogburst, in which Jay has done an amazing amount of incredible research: I am going to assume that most people can agree that America’s population is found across a vast political spectrum. From libertarians and liberals to moderates and conservatives we find each other across a broad field on ideas and issues. […]

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