Good News From Iraq. How’d That Make the AFP?

No, really, how is it possible that a good story on Iraq make the Big Media, much less being on the front page of Yahoo News?

SAMAWA, Iraq (AFP) – Iraqis have taken charge of security in the southern province of Muthanna, replacing British and Australian forces in the first such transfer of responsibility in Iraq, even as violence continued elsewhere.

"I warn you that the terrorists will do their utmost to make this experiment fail, but we promise that we will stand beside you and give you all the support you need," Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told provincial governor Mohammed Ali al-Hassani at the handoverThursday.

Speaking during a colourful ceremony featuring dancing tribesmen and displays of martial prowess from local security forces, Hassani said "the transfer of security will make the Iraqi people understand that the occupation will end."

That is the kind of news that needs to make it out to all the warring factions in Iraq, that are Iraqi. And to the American Leftards, who believe that we will never leave (we are building bases to stay there forever, just like in Japan and Germany, you know), so they have to make sure that we cut and run. That is one thing that has been missing in Iraq. Letting the Iraqi's know that we will not be staying permanently.

Of course, quite a few of those causing the violence are not Iraqi's. They are Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, Saudi Arabians, etc.

We need to make sure that the Iraqi people know that we are leaving. Not through announced timetables, but through actions. And this is the kind of action that will let them know.

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3 Responses to “Good News From Iraq. How’d That Make the AFP?”

  1. Hi, Spc. Patrick Ziegler here from U.S. Central Command Public Affairs.

    The press relaese from Multi-National Force – Iraq


    Joint Statement by

    Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Gen. George Casey

    On the Transfer of Security Responsibility in

    Muthanna Province

    July 13, 2006

    BAGHDAD – Iraq witnessed a historic event today with the transfer of security responsibility in Muthanna Province from the Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I) to the Provincial Governor and civilian-controlled Iraqi Security Forces. The handover represents a milestone in the successful development of Iraq’s capability to govern and protect itself as a sovereign and democratic nation. Muthanna is the first of Iraq’s 18 provinces to be designated for such a transition.

    As Prime Minister Maliki announced on June 19, 2006, the joint decision between the Iraqi government and MNF-I to hand over security responsibility is the result of Muthanna’s demonstrated abilities to take the lead in managing its own security and governance duties at the provincial level. The transition decision also reflects a joint assessment of the overall threat situation in Muthanna, the capabilities of the ISF there and the provincial leadership’s ability to coordinate security. Transition teams are in place to smooth the transfer process and multi-national forces will stand ready to provide assistance if needed.

    With this first transition of security responsibility, Muthanna demonstrates the progress Iraq is making toward self-governance. Several other provinces are close to meeting the criteria necessary to assume security independence. The Iraqi government and the Multi-National Force will continue to transfer security responsibilities in other provinces in Iraq as conditions are achieved.

    Australian, Japanese, and the United Kingdom forces have assisted Muthanna authorities as models of international cooperation, providing economic and humanitarian assistance as well as security and stability. As Iraq develops and its needs continue to evolve, so too will the nature of international assistance to Iraq in Muthanna and elsewhere.

    The United States will provide $10 million in order to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Muthanna as they take a bold and courageous step forward in the country’s movement toward an independent and secure nation. This event represents significant progress by the Government of Iraq to achieve a constitutional, democratic, and pluralistic Iraq which guarantees the rights of all citizens.

  2. Stacy says:

    Media is all about reporting bad news. Watching your local affiliates bring you murder after murder, fire after fire, meth lab after meth lab, etc. Following all that, they throw in a fluff story. As far as war coverage, my concerns lie more with their tone and their commentary. The media needs to be consistenly reminded that they are to report news, not opine.

  3. Hi, Spc. Ziegler. Thanks for that article. I try to keep up with them from my feed reader, but it there is so much out there. Y’all have done a fantastic job, and I just want to say “Thank You.”

    Stacey, you are dead on correct. People made alot of fun of those mini cams in the 80’s, all that cute warm and fuzzy news, but, I kinda miss it.

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