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What do y'all think? If you see any errors or issues (other then the missing author picture. Getting to that later) let me know.

Hash Cache Enabled

Yup, I know about the error message above the header. Had to turn Hash Cache back on. On vacation, popping in and out, and too much spam making it through Aksimet. Unless you really want to see lots of sex links

NJ: It’s “Just” A One Cent Tax Increase. Right?

I'll tell you a dirty little secret: raising the sales tax in New Jersey from 6% to 7% doesn't really phase me. We pay that same rate in Raleigh, and have all sorts of weird, wackadoodle taxes for food. Did you know that in malls the tax rate for food is 8%? Strange. But, while […]

American Flag Business

Avast! We be havin' another fine member added to ye olde American(e) Flag(e) League. Give it up for FireWolf's Blog (who has a kick azz Jolly Roger, too!) Welcome aboard, Matey!

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