Daily Archives: July 22, 2006

Bling Bling Barbie

Sadly, this is not a joke. Product Features Doll is dripping in faux diamonds and faux jewel-encrusted clothing from head to toe Comes with a hot outfit, a glamorous side fashion, and tons of bling-themed piece count like a fun purse, a cell phone, and make-up Each doll comes with a totally sparkly bling ring […]

HuffPuff Thread of the Day

I have to tell you, folks, the Huffington Post is becoming worse then the Democratic Underground. I know John Hawkins at Right Wing News likes to do alot of "DU Threads of the Day," as do I, and you can always check The DUmmie Funnies. But the HuffPuff is insane in it's Israeli hatred. Case […]

Katie C And The Hard News

Can't you just feel the buzz and anticipation for Katie Couric to step into the big (floppy) shoes at cBS? So much so that that hard news source, Access Hollywood, has talked about her. And all sorts of "hard news" sites picked the story up. Unfortunately, what made the rounds of the 'sphere was incorrect […]

No One Expects The Indian Inquisition!

  "Nobody expects the Spanish Indian Inquisition! Our chief weapon is censorship…censorship and repression…censorship and repression…. Our two weapons are censorship and repression…and ruthless incompetence…. Our *three* weapons are censorship, repression, and ruthless incompetence…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Muslims…. Our *four*…no… *Amongst* our weapons…. Amongst our weaponry…are such elements as censorship, repression…. I'll come […]

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