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I have to tell you, folks, the Huffington Post is becoming worse then the Democratic Underground. I know John Hawkins at Right Wing News likes to do alot of "DU Threads of the Day," as do I, and you can always check The DUmmie Funnies. But the HuffPuff is insane in it's Israeli hatred.

Case in point, a thread about Israeli tanks entering Lebanon:

  •  We should work out a 'Nukes for Oil' deal with Iran so they can obliterate Israel before the lunatic zionists get any further with their 'Master Race' plan to instigate WWIII and take over the world.
  •  The international community should urgently send aid to Hamas, Hazbullas and palestinians.
  •  Bush has failed at everything, except the items at the top of the neocon agenda: make the rich richer, rid the Constitution of those pesky rights, buy the press, dumb down the people, dismantle social programs. By their own standards they have been hugely successful. By America's they have failed us in every way possible. (I have no clue what this comment has to do with the thread topic, but you know seething causes brain spasm's, right?)
  •  It remains HILARIOUS that the Government of ISRAEL, AMERICA and BRITAIN have individually and collectively ruined, destroyed and murdered more men women and children and countries and entire regions than The "Hezbollah" will ever accomplish even until mankind becomes extinct on planet Earth.
  •  The Chimp is prepared to pounce upon the weakest as soon as he decides which one can't bite back. Looks as though Lebanon will be the goat as they have no army or much of a defense the Chimp loves this type apponent. (deflection!)
  • Something stupid, long, and stolen from elsewhere by poster 911wasinsidejob.
  • Another dumbass cut and paste by 911wasaninsidejob.
  •  The Jewish MSM is controlled by Neocons loyal to Israel. The real feeling of Americans against the jackboot Israel/American Terrorists can be found in blogs.
  •  The trolls that support Israel are morally bankrupt, and our country will pay big time for all its criminal actions, If Saudi Arabia and the other oil producers had any balls they will stop oil production until Israel gets out of Lebanon and would keep it that way until the UN passes a resolution making Israel pay for all the destruction. Here in the US you have the evangelicals waiting to be lifted to heaven where they can watch the rest of us suffer hell. America is country full of sick evil people.
  •  If the Jewkboys is worried about having enough lands to lives on,it is ritten on Bloods and Stoners, and if it werent is should have ben ritten, that someday, The JewKKKboys, will get, and I says them should get, the lands of Southa Floridas, Hoolywoods, and halaf of New Yorks.Then, there poeples can moove in, build some big mansioons, start companies for all of them others to works for, then give the dessert they is in now, back to the MuSLimes for sure
  •  Anyone. I'd like to support Lebanon defending itself from Israel. Any suggestions? With reasons/rationale for the suggestion? (I refuse to put a dime into the coffers of the Red Cross)

That is just from the first three pages of 17 18 (at least during the time of this posting.) Makes the DU look tame.

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4 Responses to “HuffPuff Thread of the Day”

  1. anonymous says:

    But you might want to look at this sobering analysis, also on the HuffPost.

  2. beth says:

    That’s just sickening!

  3. Travis says:

    Maybe those Jews will stop whining about the holocaust. What’s better; whiny victim academic Jews or hawkish pro-Israel I-banker Jews? I’d go with the hawks – I mean, demographically, Jews are much more similar to us than ‘rabs. Still, whenever I see some slip-n’-fall or divorce attorney whining in typical whiny-Jew-oh-nurse-our-bloody-holocaust-raped-assholes-mommy style, I sort of want to slash off his kike nose with a straight-razor. Another good idea would be to sell WMD to both sites. Then we Euros could go there on vacation.

  4. benning says:

    Sick, demented, Lefty commenting. And I see Travis has a problem, too. Hmmm.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. The whole ‘We know what’s best for you, we’ll tell you what your Rights are,’ Socialist crowd seems forever mired in anti-Jew, anti-Christian delusions. They neither believe, nor understand those who do. So they must look suspiciously at believers. ‘Cause they must be up to something!

    Just tell some of them that you’ll pray for them! You’d think you offered to rape their grandmothers! Sad, sick, lost little people. Sheesh!

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