Tuesday Linkfest: Pirate’s, Aaarrrrr!

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Aaarrrrr, Matey's, it seems that a whole new brand of diplomacy be openin' up in the New World (h/t to Beth at MVRWC). From Scrappleface

(2006-07-10) — With Time magazine’s announcement that the era of President George Bush’s ‘cowboy diplomacy‘ has officially ended, the weekly opinion journal will announce next week the start of the era of ‘pirate diplomacy.’

The cowboy label came as a result of the president’s declaration that he wanted Usama Bin Laden “dead or alive.” But in the new era of pirate diplomacy, Time’s editors write that the Commander in Chief will respond to North Korean missile launches and Iranian nuclear snubs with new picturesque expressions like “Aaargh!” and “Shiver me timbers!”

Ad don't forget "Avast, ye scruvy dogs," "I've got ye in me deadlights," and "I'll be sending ye to Davey Jones' locker" when dealing with rogue nations (and Democrats)

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