Use Nuclear Power To Fight Global Warming

Via Al Reuters:

Britain must build new nuclear power plants, generate more electricity from wind and waves and curb domestic demand to fight global warming as well as keeping the lights burning, Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman.

"Wishful thinking will not keep the lights on," he told reporters on Tuesday. "Nuclear is not the only answer, but neither is renewables the only answer or energy efficiency the only answer. What you need is the mix."

Oh, the conundrum for the global-warming-as-caused-by-Man hysterics (which also includes Tony Blair). Nuclear energy, which they hate, or global warming, which they hate. What to do, what to do? Tongue out

Did you know that nuclear energy is big in Europe? The libs keep telling us how we should be like Europe, yet they do not want us to have nuclear power plants. Why is that?

But, the ultra-environmentalists and global warming wackadoodles will surely fight this tooth and nail. Why? Because, you know, we should harness tofu's massive energy component, man.

If these anti-everthingists would spend there time and money actually researching and developing new energy sources instead of using the time and money for lawsuits and protests (those Greenpeace boats ain't exactly cheap, you know), they could probably become very very rich and influential once a source was developed. But, alas, no, they prefer to stand around chanting pithy bumper sticker slogans and bang on drums.

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