WTW: Dumbazz Lebanon Vacationers File Lawsuit

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Morning, y’all, Jebediah here, and reckon I can’t believe this claptrap

Detroit: An Arab-American civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit against the Bush administration for failing to protect the lives of thousands of US citizens trapped in Lebanon by the Israeli military offensive.

The lawsuit, which names Rice and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as defendants, seeks an emergency court order that would compel the US government to stop sending weapons to Israel whilst US citizens are still trying to leave Lebanon.

The group also is asking for an injunction that would force Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to request a ceasefire and order US officials to “increase their evacuation efforts and use all resources at their disposal,” including more military transports and commercial charters.

“This is not an issue of the Israel and Lebanese conflict. We’re only addressing the issue of United States citizens’ concerns for being free from harm,” said Nabih Ayad, lead lawyer for the ADC.

Among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is 19-year-old Nina Chahine. She was planning to marry in the southern city of Tyre on July 13. The wedding had to be postponed as family members fled the outbreak of the war, she said.

The group that filed the suit is the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC,) and anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian group, which at one point was a legitimate means to protect the Rights of American Arabs, much like the NAACP was once a legitimate group protecting the Rights of Blacks and the Teachers Union dealt with actual school policies.

Now, the ADC is against every single initiative to stop terrorism, which is mostly a function of Muslims.

That being said, what the hell were the people doing in Lebanon in the first place? Considering there have been several State Department travel advisories. Apparently, a wedding for one. Brilliant idea getting married in Lebanon. Nothing says possible terrorist supporter like going to a part of Lebanon dominated by Hezbollah.

All in all, one might consider it a political stunt, like the ACLU is pulling. However, this looks more like one of those great liberal ideas of it always being someone else’s fault. Allah forbid that jackass’ who go to sunny and war torn southern (Hezbollah) Lebanon take some personal responsa-f’ing-bility, like paying attention to said State Dep’t travel advisories.

Interesting, no American air carriers fly into Beiruit. So:

Chahine said her family spent about $20,000 to return to Detroit via Syria and Jordan.

Ah, I guess the ships the US sent over into the Med for evacuation were too good for these people. Had to fly out through another terrorist supporting country.

Me little buddy has taken the day off, so Happy Bunny will give my response to the ADC:

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4 Responses to “WTW: Dumbazz Lebanon Vacationers File Lawsuit”

  1. benning says:

    LEt ’em hunker down with their Hezbollah friends. Screw ’em.

    Not that I mean them evil, but … screw ’em.

  2. Fersboo says:

    I wouldn’t be crying if their sorry asses were left there.

  3. kraussm says:

    I think the state dept. ought to fix this, take these clowns back to Beirut immediately!

    happy bunny has a way with words, he should be Bolton’s asst. at the UN.

  4. D. Ox says:

    Saw one of their spokesbags on O’Reilly yesterday. What an embarassment and pathetic excuse for an “American” of whatever crummy hyphenated kind.

    Just when Arabs in America (citizens!) should be standing with the nation!

    Along with Sedition Laws we need legislation to penalize lawyers who bring frivolous POLITICALLY motivated lawsuits.

    D. Ox

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