Time Asia on the India Blog Ban

Nice to that the Asian bureau of Time Magazine is just as incompetent as their American bureau:

A few days after the terror attacks in Bombay, Indians found many of their favorite blogs banned. On July 13, the Department of Telecommunications had ordered Indian Internet service providers to close a reported 17 blogs that purportedly published hate speech against Muslims.

In depth, eh? Glad to see they worked hard for the story. Add another theory about the reason for the ban to the mix.

The Indian government can legally block sites promoting hate speech, terrorism or pornography, but in reality, sites are rarely banned.

Ah, the world of the liberal, where photoshopping a Koran in the crapper is equated with terrorism and pornography. Funny how liberals tend to support the two latter ones, but not the first.

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2 Responses to “Time Asia on the India Blog Ban”

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  2. Wanderer says:

    Great website.

    Though I say ppl can stfu if ridiculed by the press, unless the Dept of Telecoms bans explicit hate comments, communal riots would fire up.

    Sick, I know. If you start totally ignoring the press, the minorities will claim suppression, and the more aggressive groups will draw blood.

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