Banned In India! Yea, Baby!

I thrills me to death that my little blog on line journal has been noticed by the wonderfully tolerant government of India. And been banned! Woo-hoo!

I was wondering where some traffic from the Wall Street Journal was coming from. One article you have to pay for (if anyone has access and can let me know, please), but, another that was put up today, is in the freebie section:

India's Internet regulators have started blocking several Web sites in a move that borrows a page from China, where government censors heavily restrict the flow of online information.

India's Department of Telecommunications sent an order late last week to Internet-service providers to block several Web sites, according to a department spokesman. The spokesman, Rajesh Malhotra, declined to disclose the contents of the letter or discuss the order, saying it was a "confidential exchange of information between the department and the operators."

Several telecom operators confirmed there were more than 15 sites they were directed to block. Close to a third of the sites were home to blogs, the personalized Web logs that have become popular in India, just as they have in other parts of the world. Among the Web sites blocked are parts of Blogger and GeoCities. Included on a list seen by The Wall Street Journal are sites that showcase views of an Islamic holy man, conservative Hindus, and Dalits, the low caste in India pejoratively referred to as untouchables.

Sweet!!!!!!! Among the other sites blocker is The Jawa Report. Fantastic company I'm part of!

Anyhow, it is rather strange to be blocked, considering that I have never posted anything anti-India or Hindu. Lots of anti-Muslim stuff, though, like this and this, and lots of other things that would upset a Muslim. They're so touchy, you would think they were Progressives Bye

Traderrob at OpiniPundit expounds on being banned. Lucky bastich got mentioned by name.

Merri at Merri Musings has some choice words for those that banned her old Typepad address.

The Jawa Report has more, including a link to another article. The least the Indian Express could have done was get the names spelled correctly. Heh.

According to the CIA World Fact Book, the population of India is only 13.4% Muslim. Well, as Kosbat says, screw 'em (the Indian gov't and the Muslim population, not the other people of India.)

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22 Responses to “Banned In India! Yea, Baby!”

  1. VJ says:

    India has the 2nd or 3rd largest muslim population in the world, so i guess your blog was banned because it didnt want them upset.

    i wonder how the indian govt even discovered your blog. seems strange. anyway, i think the silly ban is being lifted in a few days

  2. D. Ox says:

    Hey Teach (always wanted to say that),


  3. Macker says:

    I too was banned. I consider it a Badge of Honor!

  4. I found it to be pretty cool, myself. Get a nice little traffic boost and recognition πŸ™‚

    It was over the Flush the Koran project from last years.

  5. Upliftthem says:

    This is a tiny example about the wrong usage of the word “biggest democratic nation”. The recent ban on few of these websites and blogs proved that there is not much difference between the chinese government and Indian government. They both do not want free speach, freedom to express one’s thoughts. After all, I believe none of these websites or blogs are an anti-Indian or made any outrageous claims about India is a nation of brutality. The inference from this ban is there is no democracy in India, let me give an outstanding example of why there is no democracy in India. Every single day, 24/7, dalits (named and branded as untouchables) by the casteistic and barbaric hindu system are raped, killed, murdered and dalits woman are paraded naked, homes are ransacked and burned, young childrens and old alike are brutally attaked and killed. This happens every single day, the law and enforcement is an horrible system, instead of arresting the people who committ atrocities against dalits, they either leave them roam around freely or even provide them protection but betray the victims with all means possible, except some exceptions here and there. Go through some reliable dalits news and sources, you will find the staggering statistics of how the police and certain political praties themselves ignore and let the dalits suffer. Churches were burned and christian leaders and families were attached and been going on, because they help and educate dalits and their childrens, ofcourse they promote belief in christianity, who will not talk about their beliefs if they run their religious activities to help innocent people. Furthermore, the Indian government will allow and even promote Hindu terrorist organizations like VHP and the likes to carry out all activities and atrocities, they can talk, write and publish all the anti-social rubbish but the are still at large enjoy the protection, whereas, organizations like Dalitstan the dalits human rights organizations like good ones are banned and even some members were arrested in an earlier occassion I believe. So, where is democracy in India. So, why blogs and websites are banned, it is because of the lack of freedom and democracy. If there was a problem of “islamic terroristic” activities in the recent mumbia bombings, the law and enforcement should handle the issues efficiently to catch the cuprits and involved instead, this is a drama to show to people and citizens that they are turning all the stones to safegaurd the nation, while there is innumerous holes in the society, in the system and in the government.

    what a meaningless democracy.

  6. Jody says:

    WOW…and I can say I knew you then… congrats! πŸ™‚
    It’s got to be a milestone when a COUNTRY bans you.

  7. Upliftthem says:

    Oh, there are quite a few typos, hope you will read in the right sense it meant to be.
    Yahoo 360 upliftthem

  8. […] Teach also got the ban treatment and boasts about it over at his cove. What great company to be in! Now, since they listed my OLD URL, I don’t get the hits from the WSJ, so I will live vicariously through those that do! […]

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  10. The Indian ban is lifted…

    According to Dakhni, I’m back up in India!

    So Rusty, Macker, Teach, Editors in Pajamas, and OpiniPundit (and all the incorrectly listed blogs–hahaha) should be back up, along with the Indian blogs that I had never heard of but will be read…

  11. […] According to Dakhni, I’m back up in India! So Rusty, Macker, Teach, Editors in Pajamas, and OpiniPundit (and all the incorrectly listed blogs–hahaha) should be back up, along with the Indian blogs that I had never heard of but will be reading now, thanks to the ban! Guess the Indian DOT kinda defeated the purpose of the ban all by themselves, huh? You guys in the Indian government know how silly this makes you look, don’t you? You know, you do have a choice: tolerance and diversity or dhimmitude and cowardice. Freedom and democracy that punishes terrorists (not those who exercise free speech), or bureaucracy held hostage to the demands of extremists. Like Jay Allen says, India has a hard time controlling any of its religious extremists. Fundamentalist Hindu groups such as Shiv Sena have successfully used violent protests to rewrite history and stop production of material they find offensive. […]

  12. I feel so honored to be banned by name πŸ™‚

  13. Maggie says:

    What’s all the fuss about? I always KNEW YOU WERE RADICAL!

  14. William Teach says:

    Ooooh, don’t tell my liberal friends that πŸ˜‰

  15. Stacy says:

    Some of my most bizarre, graphic and explicit Google searches have come from India. Perhaps they should monitor their residents rather than a little old blog in the US.

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  17. Jiyocricket says:

    If it was not for the Indian govt, I wouldve never noticed this blog πŸ™‚ enjoy the attention

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    I’m on India’s list of banned blogs. Why?


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  20. Rohan Pinto says:

    da-Gov Code…

    Ok.. Ok.. I’m not smoking……. Here’s the inside scoop on why the Indian government banned access to blogspot etc.. The entire list of banned sites are: (scanned copy of the government directive) – hinduunity, The Java Report, Ed…

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  22. population…

    Thepiratescove has a nice post about a population to delhi….

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