Congress To Vote On Israel Today

And it looks like many Democrats are either hypocritical, well, more like liars, or they are going to piss off their Israel hating base (from the Washington Post)

Democratic and Republican congressional leaders are rushing to offer unalloyed support for Israel's offensive against Hezbollah fighters, reflecting a bipartisan desire to not only defend a key U.S. ally but also solidify long-term backing of Jewish voters and political donors in the United States, according to officials and strategists in both parties.

Democrats have been villifying Israel for decades, and it has only gotten worse with President Bush showing unequivocal support of Israel.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, support for Israel has only intensified among politicians and the public, lawmakers say and polls confirm. The Jewish state is frequently praised as a vibrant democracy and trusted U.S. ally, one that has suffered greatly from terrorism.

Someone forgot to tell the Democrats that. The ones who constantly complain that Israel is a bad state (see Right Wing News), that they are the cause of all the trouble in the Mid East, that they don't respect the Rights of suicide bombers and Islamic fascists that want to destory Israel. They mention Israel blowing off UN resolutions, while failing to mention the non existant ones aimed at Islamic terrorists and their state sponsors.

Israel is always the bad guy in their eyes. They can do no right. They are not allowed to defend themselves on most occasions, and they few other times, the Left states that Israel's response is disproportionate and overblown.

The Left pitches a fit over Israel's supposed nuclear weapons program, yet ignores Iran's. The first never signed the Non Proliferation Treaty, the latter did. The latter also intentionally kidnapped and held America citizens, and calls the US the Great Satan. Israel has been our friend.

Surprisingly, at a time when the Mid East could easily explode into greater war, the main nutroots leaders are completely ignoring the fighting. I guess the talking points on how to spin Israel's right to defend itself as being Bush's fault haven't been "nuanced" yet. See MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

A quick perusal of the Lefty/Progressive blogs in the top 100 in the Ecosphere shows almost a complete lack of interest in what is basically a continuation of the GWOT by an ally of the United States. Other then the Huff Puff, bupkis. I suppose that it has become blase' to them.

Of course, the HuffPuff is one of the sites where one can easily find anti-Israeli sentiment easily. Heck, let's be honest. More like Israeli hatred. Such as:

  •  Following the media you would think that everyone is always on israel's side. I , for one, am never on israel's side. Never once. Israel is at the heart of all instability in that region. And until the US and the world stop treating israel as if it were a legitimate entity I beleive israel will be the straw that plunges the world into WWIII
  •  Israel is committing genocide and every sane, rational, moral human being on earth knows it. Only Bush and his cabal and the Israeli mass murderers believe otherwise
  •  Blowing up a family of seven at the beach, and then lying about it, started it.
    For those who can't remember. (that was debunked)
  •  Folks, Israels ruse is to steal more land, PERIOD. Read below…..they are nothing more than THIEVES
  •  What we need is for Egypt to attack the Nazi bastards from the South. That would put a crimp in their style. (this comment was made by NukeIsraelProblemSolved)

Enough. Troll the HuffPuff and you will find anti-Israel/hate Israel sentiment all over, including posts that have nothing to do with the subject.

The news constantly mentions how many Lebanese have been killed by Israel, but they fail to mention Hezbollah's launching of missiles towards Israel civilian populations.

The vote today should be instructive. If the Democrats vote for support of Israel, I believe you will see the nutroots go ape on those who voted "Yea."

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  1. goyboy says:

    ameriKKKa deserves 72 9/11’s because of goy trash like you, get bent

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