Banned, Part Deux: Stand With Us

As Rusty points out, the real reason for India banning our blogs, along with the others including

*Exposing the Leftz (aka, OpiniPundit)
*Merri Musings (Indian government banned her old website, now abandond–also, the lovely bride of The Jawa Report's Editor-in-Chief, Vinnie)
*Macker (also mispelled by Indian government)
*Princess Kimberly (now defunct)
*Editors in Pajamas (Hey, India, it's Editors…plural)
*Commonfolk Using Commonsense (their old website banned)
*My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Links copied from Rusty.

comes down simply to posts where we made fun of the whole "Islamic terrorists claiming US guards flushed a koran so Islamic fascists rioted so we'll show our Free Speech silliness by photoshopping." In otherwords, the Flush The Koran Project

In essence, you have a country that is over 80% Hindu giving in to the highly restrictive nature of the 13.4% Muslim population. This had absolutely nothing to do with the 7/11 bombings in India, as was originally reported and claimed by the Indian government. Heck, you will not find one post on the subject on my website. (It wasn't that I didn't care, BTW, but that I was on vacation and had a few posts set for the day, being super busy.)

Interestingly, I had an interview with a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News, as did Traderrob of OpiniPundit. Not sure if Rusty or any others did. We'll have to see what comes of that in tommorrow's edition. To steal a word from Glen, Indeed!

Rusty is asking whether you will stand with the Band Of The Banned. If so, head over and let him know, or email him.

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