UN Scheme To Cut Greenhouse Gasses

Scheme is a perfect word when it comes to the United Nations. (via Al Reuters)

 A U.N. scheme to promote renewable energy use in poor nations is growing sharply and will axe emissions of greenhouse gases by more than a billion metric tonnes by 2012, the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat said on Friday.

 It said that the program, part of the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol meant to combat global warming by curbing fossil fuel use, has more than 800 projects such as wind farms in India or power plants burning sugar cane waste in Brazil.

OK. Sure. I see that happening. Considering so many other Kyoto member nations are not going to meet their commitments, what makes them think that this scheme will work?

But, how much will it cost?

 Those credits can in theory then be sold — giving the rich nations the incentive to invest. Some experts say that the CDM could eventually channel more than $100 billion to renewable energy schemes from Africa to Latin America.

Yikes. How much will end up in the pockets of UN officials, based on past history?

And, of course, it is all Bush’s fault that the US is not a member

 The Kyoto Protocol obliges 35 industrial nations to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2 percent below 1990 levels by 2008-12. The United States pulled out in 2001, saying Kyoto would cost U.S. jobs and wrongly excluded developing nations from targets under the first round.

No, the United States NEVER signed it to start with. Such a blatent falsehood, not distortion, but lie, damages Reuters credibility. They do not have some sort of agenda, do they?

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