Mary Matalin Defends Coulter

Look, I haven’t read Ann Coulters new book, and won’t until they have it at the library. Nor have I kept up with the supposed controversy. People (meaning the Left) have forgotten that Free Speech applies to all Americans, not just the ones who agree with them (via Newsmax)

 Former White House advisor Mary Matalin offered a partial defense for firebrand conservative author Ann Coulter on Friday, saying her comments about four Bush-bashing 9/11 widows weren’t as bad as some of the things liberals say about Republicans.

The Bush-Cheney insider did admit that she finds Coulter’s “verbiage a little stressful.

“But when Imus countered, “I’m surprised that you won’t condemn her for these repugnant comments,” Matalin responded: “I don’t know her. I haven’t read the book.”

IMUS: You know what Hitler did. Did you know him? You could condemn what he did.

MATALIN: You’re comparing [Coulter] to Hitler? See, this is the point she’s making.

IMUS: No, of course not. You know me and you condemn me all the time.

MATALIN: People run around calling us extra-chromosome and Hitlers and Nazis and nobody says anything. She calls someone a harpie and you’d think that the whole world’s on fire.

Perhaps Coulters comment was over the top, but is she not entitled to her opinion? Her comment certainly doesn’t even come close to what the Left constantly says. Isn’t denigrating the military supposed to be out of bounds, like saying negative things about Bush bashing 9/11 widows? Yet, see the post from earlier this same day.

Meanwhile, Coulter too a good shot at Hillary and shut her up

The Illinois Democrat (Rahm Emanuel) stepped up to the plate after Coulter managed to silence Hillary, who had complained the day before that the writer’s comments about the 9/11 widow’s group, the Jersey Girls, were “vicious and mean-spirited.”

The conservative firebrand fired back by suggesting that Mrs. Clinton should “have a talk with her husband” if she was worried about being mean to women – mentioning two of Mr. Clinton’s accusers by name. Mrs. Clinton has been mum on the Coulter controversy ever since.


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