Pelosi and Murtha Too Conservative, Says DUmmies

Plus other things along the lines of “they suck!” You just cannot make this stuff up, folks. From a thread entitled “Murtha just said he’ll run for Majority Leader if Dems. win House…

  • He (Murtha) sure isn’t the most progressive dem by any stretch
  • I’d take him over someone like Pelosi just because He’s advocating the right step on Iraq whereas she’s too scared to because of “election year politics”
  • Pelosi is a miserable failure!  While Murtha is too hawkish and conservative for my taste, he is a true leader and a republican! When I say Murtha is a republican, I mean to say that he believes in the US Constitution and in the Republic. I will support anyone that will fight to save this nation from tyranny! Murtha would not hesitate to allow impeachment hearings into the criminal activities of the Bush regime. Pelosi has already waved the white flag of surrender! (emphasis added. snicker)
  • Also Pelosi has been Murtha’s biggest supporter but unlike John Murtha – she’s very pro-choice whereas he isn’t. Murtha comes from a long line of western PA conservative democrats. Once the war is overwith he is no better than some moderate republicans
  • Good insight, still inarticulate Pelosi needs to be replaced. The Democrat Party warrants a more dynamic spokesperson that can instill a level of confidence in the American public that the party has leadership capable of skillfully governing.
  • Murtha is right on Iraq. However he is quite conservative. I would much rather see a Jim McDermott, John Conyers, Maurice Hinchey, or Jim McGovern as majority leader.

It’s so funny that it is sad.

DaveColorado has it correct:  80. Why don’t the Dems win some elections first

Charles T asks:  101. Any _”Murtha for Majority Leader” _ Bumper Stickers at Cafe Press??

Anyone want to give it a shot? That would be a hoot if a Conservative made money from the DUmmies.

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