Don’t Question Their Love Of America

I mean, why not, Libs love America, right?

Ah, but the DUmmies show their true stripes in this thread from the DU, which has been deleted. I wonder why? (you can also access the file here.)

Here’s a preview:

 I have had the privilege to travel all around the world. There are many other countries that I would prefer. Getting another country to accept you as an immigrant is the hard part. The countries that you would want to immigrate to are generally the hardest ones to enter. Usually the employer in the country you are wanting to move to would have to prove that they cannot hire a local before considering an outsider.
New Zealand is a beautiful place and has offers for Americans to immigrate there. They have several web sites that offer information on this. America … I would not even rank in my Top 10 places to live anymore.

I used a cache version, removed all the symbols and ads.

And don’t you dare question their love of Amerika!

As a final measure, if you have issues at the other two, try my internal here Hate America

PS: here is the original link to the DU thread. Knew I forgot something.

Thanks to Bryan over at Hot Air for linking this post.

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17 Responses to “Don’t Question Their Love Of America”

  1. Gianni says:

    Just a thought, but could this – The countries that you would want to immigrate to are generally the hardest ones to enter. – be the reason they are good places to live? Yet they want us to allow anyone here no matter who it is?

  2. clyde says:

    Maybe the countries this person is trying to enter require him or her to be able to speak and write good English. Might be a problem, if that’s the case.

  3. Some countries are extremely hard to emigrate to. New Zealand is supposed to be very difficult, as is France. But, if a lib is living in a country they do not really like, why not move somewhere the like better? Rather then sitting around in misery in such an “awful” country like the USA?

    Libs say they love the USA, but cannot even say it.

  4. Okay… heh… I’ll put it this-a-way. First and foremost, I love America and would put my life on the line for her if need be. But this is one of the few civilized Democracies on Earth now where Citizens can be wiretapped and data mined without court oversight. Our middle class has been bled dry by the far-right. We can burn the Constitution but we cannot burn the Flag (???). This is NOT the same “America” it used to be at ALL, it has changed. Is this the best country on Earth today? Genuinely arguable. I say “yes”, only because it is my country and there is still a means to change it back to the land my Forefathers had meant for it to be. But people who have been to other countries; it sounds to me; with the exception of our 2nd Amendment; they are just as free if not freer in some cases than we are over here. If the Right To Keep And Bear Arms wasn’t such a brilliant concept, and if it weren’t possible to return things back to the way they should be, I’d have probably been gone by now, frankly.

    I don’t know if that is the “Liberal”, or the “libertarian” in me (I am both) speaking, but that’s just my .02 cents.

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  6. Ed Schneider says:

    There is only one thing, really, that is wrong with our country.


  7. OUCH Ed! Tell us how you REALLY feel! lmfao!

  8. docdave says:

    What those American hating idiots don’t understand is that the character of a country is the composite of its people. If you see something in the country you don’t like, it’s probably something you don’t like in yourself and the people you associate with.

  9. JD says:

    Gun Toting Liberal said: ‘they are just as free if not freer in some cases than we are over here’

    Sure, if you want to rely on the government for everything and don’t have a problem with strict control of business. Look at France and their position in the world of business. Try opening a business in some of those countries. The US allows people the opportunity of entrepreneurship much more than most other countries.

  10. It’s not really so much about being the “best” at one particular thing. It is all about love of America. And the DUers show that they do not love it.

  11. I just love it when Liberals try and justify their hatred of America by showing all that is historically wrong, without acknowledging what is right.

  12. William Teach says:

    Yup. Every country has issues. But, like a marriage, if the good is so much better then the bad, why try and tear it down?

  13. Scrapiron says:

    This is just another ‘my ego is bruised’ so i’m moving to Canada leftover from 2004. Either they won’t accept a welfare case of he’s unqualified for anything above janitor at McDonalds. If they’re smart they’ll never accept a left wing anti-american because they will turn traitor on the new country also. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

  14. […] Yep! The party of tolerance. This is what you get when you cozy up to the Kos Kidz and others of their ilk. This just reinforces my stance on politics: the Republicans are bad, but the Democrats are that much worse. […]

  15. But don’t question their PATRIOTism….

    Pirates Cove does an experiment with the DU crowd, the result of which, should have been painfully obvious. There appears to be a problem with the hosting of the original file, so I’m mirroring it here……

  16. If you can’t grab the file from the links above I hosted it at mine as well.

  17. Some Of Paul Krugman…

    Updated: Pirate’s Cove shows us just how much the Democratic Underground loves America! H/T Hot Air.
    I won’t add much to Paul Krugman’s article in the NY Times. I think it speaks for itself.
    Back in 1971, Russell Baker, the legendary …

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