Nutroots Convention Media Darlings

Not that this is anything new, but the MSM keep coming up with more and more articles about the YearlyKosbat Talking Points Convention, where loons went to meet, great, and come up with anti-American talking points, and howl at the moon.

You can read the whole article if you like, but there are a few parts that stand out to me:

So, “now it’s our turn” to force reforms on the Washington elite, they have declared here in one united voice since the four-day convention began Thursday.

And those who refuse the demands of this “people-powered movement” of “netroot activism” will be left behind, Marcos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos blog, vowed in his keynote address to his fellow netizens.

In nutroot speak, that means you aren’t allowed to form your own opinions, you must follow the group mind. Sounds like the beginning of a bad sci fi book, ‘cept this is really happening.

The fact that the YearlyKos convention has attracted top-tier Democrats as speakers shows they are a potent force in progressive politics, strong enough that would-be Democratic presidential nominees ignore them at their political risk.

What it shows is that there are some serious wackos out there in politics, who enjoy losing elections. If Kosbat backs you, have a fallback plan, since you more then likely will not win.

Seriously, it does show power, let’s give credit where credit is due. But, these are people who can find nothing but fault with the USA, do everything they can to undermine her, and brook no disagreement. They are angry and bitter, yet have no morals, values, principles, no guiding force. It is all about what gains them power, regardless of the consequences to the country.

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