Brad Miller, NC-13: Confirmed Moonbat

My local House Congressional Critter, Brad Miller, has officially joined the ranks of Moonbat De Jure with his postings over at the Daily Kosbat. In his most current moonbattery, apparently he needs to justify that he and Markos are just good friends. Actually quite amusing. I thought the Democrats were tolerant of homosexual conduct (which I neither care about, nor believe, in this instance)?

What is more important is that Miller actually does something for NC’s 13th Congressional District. Miller is a do nothing Critter. He doesn’t respond to his constituents from either Party. I have yet to hear back from him once, and, yes, my letters and emails were very polite and respectful, as were those of my Democratic friends, who have never heard from him either. He never seems to be available or in District.

The good news is that Markos is backing him. So far, every candidate the Kos has endorsed has lost. There are three Republicans in the mix. Quite frankly, I could almost care less if another Dem was trying to take the seat. Anybody is better then this do nothing Congress Critter.

BTW, recently, Miller voted against HR 4975, which provides for at least some lobbying accountability, and against H Res 789, to provide for maritime security.

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