Osama On The Run In Sierra Leone!

Get that darn monkey!

Osama bin Laden” is still on the run in the jungles of Sierra Leone — after escaping with some 20 other chimpanzees from a wildlife sanctuary where they killed a local taxi driver on Sunday.

The chimp, named by wardens after the wanted al Qaeda leader, was among a pack of apes which mobbed and mauled four men at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the forested hills outside the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown.

 Another of the escaped apes was called Charles Taylor, after the Liberian warlord currently awaiting trial in a cell in a U.N.-backed special court in Freetown, the spokesman said.

LOL! I’m sure the Libs will not see the humor.

Also, while on humor

A cantankerous crocodile chased a man removing a storm-felled tree from its pen before stealing his chainsaw, shattering a few teeth in the process.

“Freddy had climbed out on to the tree and was removing a limb when the crocodile just erupted from his pool about 20m (60 ft) away and used the tree to launch himself up at Fred and the chainsaw,” Francis said on Friday.

“Fred virtually gave him the chainsaw, shoved it at him. It was still going and he took the chainsaw onto the ground and proceeded to smash it and it stalled. The crocodile didn’t cut himself, just broke a few teeth.”

Brutus then took the chainsaw into his pond and played with it for about an hour, destroying it, before losing interest.

I’m thinking Freddy probably needed clean shorts after that. I know I would.

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