Top 11 Laundry Issues

In reverse order, 11 being the worst:

  1. That damn coin going bink bink bink
  2. Touching the coin. HOT!
  3. Where the hell is the other sock?
  4. Taking forever to dry cause you forgot to clean the lint trap
  5. Cleaning the lint trap
  6. Washer going thumpa thumpa thumpa
  7. Forgetting to add the detergent on those few occasions you wait for the washer to fill up. Do over.
  8. Forgetting to put the wet clothes in the dryer. Pee-U!
  9. Something red sneaks in with the whites
  10. Holy Cow! The dryer coil came loose (water cables are also acceptable.)

And the #11 worst Laundry Issue is: these holes weren’t there when I put the clothes in there. What, are there like heat loving moths?

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