Stop The ACLU: “We Represent Illegals!!!!”

So, of course, the ACLU has to jump in on the whole illegal aliens debate, because, well, you, know, they suck. They are like Golden Retriever puppies: they have to stick their noses into everything, which usually includes toes and crotches. Though, the ACLU isn’t as cute as a puppy. Witness:

Proposed changes to U.S. immigration laws would strip away many due process rights currently given to illegal immigrants. Gary Peck, executive director of the ACLU of Nevada, said the proposals being debated in Congress could expand what he views as already flawed policies that “are closing the door of the courts and justice for illegal immigrants.”

Let me mention here, for the benefit of those who are members of the ACLU, that the first letter stands for “American,” ie. citizens of the United States of America, not the continents of North and South America, nor the areas known as Latin and Central America. Hell of a concept.

Anyhow, illegal aliens (not immigrants) are not entitled to the same due process that citizens are. They are entitled to whatever laws we apply to them. Period. We do not extend full due process to immigrants who are applying for citizenship, till they are citizens. Nor do we give them to visitors, whether just here for a vacation, a business meeting, or on work visa. They can be deported or asked to leave in a heartbeat, if they are breaking the law. Illegals are hear because they broke the law. Something the ACLU has forgotten, or doesn’t care about.

Although not addressed in the April 3 hearing, another proposal – even more troubling to Peck – would broaden the number of those people who can be indefinitely detained by authorities.

He said the policy of detaining suspected terrorists and those with previous convictions for terrorist acts or violent crimes may be expanded to allow “indefinite detention of those illegal immigrants who have been convicted of nonviolent offenses as well.”

“This would essentially criminalize someone based on their status of an illegal immigrant,” he said. “This isn’t fighting terrorism, but instead treating illegal immigrants like terrorists.”

Or, treating them like people who snuck into our country illegally under the cloak of night, who cause problems with our infrastructure. And many are not exactly the best of people. Should we treat members of MS-13 like people who made a boo-boo? According to the ACLU, the answer is yes. They are sorely in need of new management. Preferably people who live in reality and are Pro-American.

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One Response to “Stop The ACLU: “We Represent Illegals!!!!””

  1. Chief RZ says:

    No way anyone should defend obviously illegal aliens for being in this country. If they are beaten or used as slaves, that would be different. They are, on their face, illegal.

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