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Morning, y’all, Jebediah here, and it is another splendid non Global Warming Wednesday. Got a couple real dumbazz’ to tell ya about, I reckon’. First up, dumbazz drunk:

A 20-year-old woman who climbed into the back seat of a parked squad car was arrested for public intoxication by an officer who opened the door to let her out, police said.

My kinda woman! Next up, how not to smuggle a gun

Victoria Lundy, 41, in custody in Chillicothe, Ohio, in January for a barroom shooting, apparently smuggled her gun into the jail at the time of her arrest by putting it inside her vagina. A shot was fired in a holding cell, and according to a fellow prisoner interviewed by the Chillicothe Gazette, the gun had gone off when Lundy sat down on a bench in the cell. (No one was hit.)

Missed being the #1 Dumbazz of the Day by that much! But the dumbazz country which follows isn’t #1, either:

A top Iranian military official said Tuesday the country can now defend itself against any invasion originating from outside the region — a clear reference to the United States — as it tested a second new radar-avoiding missile.

Hey, dumbazz: the USA has nuclear weapons. You don’t. We have working fighter jets and bombers that can reach your country, including those kick ass stealth ones, and our carriers and other navy ships can standoff well outside of your range. Ever heard of a cruise missile? We got ’em, you don’t.

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And the number one Dumbazz of the Day is..drum roll, please…..

When he wasn’t sending pornographic movies to and asking for explicit photos from a teenage girl in Polk County, a Maryland man was bragging about his job as a spokesman at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement officers said.

The revelation – actually made to a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl – resulted in the arrest of 55-year-old Brian J. Doyle at his Silver Spring, Md., home Tuesday night, officials said.

During his Internet chats, Doyle quickly revealed his name and job, and he sent his office and government-issued cell phone numbers. The information allowed detectives to quickly verify Doyle’s identity, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday night.

Great job, sparky. There is so much Dumbazz in that story that the meters are off the scale. You do know that it is all Bush’s fault, right? And I’m sure it is all part of the Republican “Culture of Corruption” and other Democratic bumber sticker sayings.

Honorable mention for Dumbazz (not of the day, just a general dumbazz) goes to

Image hosting by Photobucket And boy howdy, is she! (click picture for link). You can also find more about the Right’s version of an unhinged moonbat at MVRWC, MacStansbury, and Cao’s spot.

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