Just Say No To Hillary

Some people may be shocked, but, not me. I have been saying for a long time that Hillary is not electable as President (via Drudge)

Most voters now say there’s no way they’d vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton if she runs for president in 2008 – while just 16 percent are firmly in her camp, a stunning new poll shows.

CNNGALLUP found that 51 percent say they definitely won’t vote for Clinton (D-N.Y.) in 2008, another 32 percent might consider it, and only 16 percent vow to back her. That means committed anti-Hillary voters outnumber pro-Hillary voters by 3-1. The poll suggests she can forget about crossover votes – 90 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of conservatives say there’s no way they’d back her.

Like I have been saying, she cannot get the support of those who vote or typically vote GOP, and Dems are not flocking to her. Go to the Dem sites: they rarely talk about her, unless she is trashing Bush. Matter of fact, I cannot find any of the usual suspects even mentioning not only this poll, but her in general.

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2 Responses to “Just Say No To Hillary”

  1. Hillary’s Waffles

    Either way you look at it the lefties will lose this one once again. They continue to fall flat on their faces because in their smug arrogant little minds they believe we should ALL think like them. So they continue to push issues such as this.

  2. bulletgirl says:

    My dream team on the Dems side for 2008 would be:
    The Big Girl for pres and John Kerry as her VP !!! In a nut shell here is my main prblem with her.
    If she can allow her husband to cheat her and publically humiliate her wihtout reprecussions becasue it’s polically convinient for her. What would she allow others to do to our country if it was politically convinient for her ?

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