DNC Press Release

Via the Raleigh News and Observer

Democratic leadership warned in an audiotape aired Thursday that their fighters are preparing new attacks in the United States but offered the American people a "long-term truce" without specifying the conditions.

Out takes from the text of the speech

Our message to you is about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how to end them. We did not intend to speak to you about this because this issue has already been decided. Only metal breaks metal, and our situation, thank God, is only getting better and better, while your situation is the opposite of that.

But we plan to speak about the repeated errors your President Bush has committed in comments on the results of your polls that show an overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. But he (Bush) has opposed this wish and said that withdrawing troops sends the wrong message to opponents, that it is better to fight them on their land than their fighting us (Americans) on our land.

The news of our brother mujahideen (holy warriors) is different from what the Pentagon publishes. They (the news of mujahideen) and what the media report is the truth of what is happening on the ground. And what deepens the doubt over the White House’s information is the fact that it targets the media reporting the truth from the ground. And it has appeared lately, supported by documents, that the butcher of freedom in the world (Bush) had decided to bomb the headquarters of the Al-Jazeera in Qatar after bombing its offices in Kabul and Baghdad.

As for torturing men, they have used burning chemical acids and drills on their joints. And when they give up on (interrogating) them, they sometimes use the drills on their heads until they die. Read, if you will, the reports of the horrors in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons.

Huh? It wasn’t from the Democratic leaders, but Osama Bin Laden? Sure sounded the same.

Yes, I changed some words, highlighted in red. Cannot tell much difference between what the Dem moonbat leaders say and what OBL says, though.

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2 Responses to “DNC Press Release”

  1. Jimmy K. says:

    Great Minds think alike. I wrote nearly the same thing.

  2. Sounds exactly like something that would come from Pelosi, Ted, Kerry, et al, except for the reigious references.

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