Where’s Eason Jordan?

You would think that Eason "the military is targeting journalists" Jordan would be all over this story;

An Iranian military transport plane crashed into a 10-story apartment building as it was trying to make an emergency landing Tuesday, ripping open the top of the structure and igniting a huge fire. At least 128 people were killed, 34 on the ground.

The plane was carrying Iranian journalists to cover military maneuvers in the south, and all 94 people on the aircraft were killed. In addition to the 34 residents of the apartment building who were killed, 90 were injured, Tehran state radio said.

Let me see. We have a hard line Muslim regime, which supports terrorists and terrorism, believes in such fantistic notions of Islam such as stoning to death and hanging for being raped or homosexual, has a President who has been identified as one of the 1979 hostage takers, and is currently engaged in developing nuclear weapons. A plane carrying journalists goes down. But, hey, no one on the Left could possibly think that it was on purpose, because, you know, like, dude, it’s Iran. They aren’t bad, just misunderstood. Now, if it had been an Israeli or American plane full of journalists……

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4 Responses to “Where’s Eason Jordan?”

  1. Maggie says:

    OMG, you are soooo RIGHT!

    Population of Iran about 68 million so do a ballpark of four times that for US population and you get ..

    4 x 90 = 360 American journalists

    (n.b. deduction made for crew)

    Holy Moley … can’t wait to hear how CNN covers it.

  2. I am sure that they will talk about how brave the Iranians are, or some other appeasement yap.

  3. Janette says:

    Can you imagine if 360 American journalists died? Or even 90? Them American media would treat it like the biggest story EVER! Bigger than 9/11, bigger than Pearl Harbor. Just an enormous disaster because of the loss of so many noble, self-sacrificing souls.

  4. Maggie says:

    OMG, Janette, you had me ROTHLOL!

    Hysterical comment but unfortunately VERY TRUE!

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