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Trump, A Critic Of Obama Playing Golf, Plays Golf Or Something

We now have the first official Credentialed Media complaint of Trump playing golf because he noted Obama playing golf. This is yet another reason why we say the media has an agenda Trump, a frequent critic of Obama’s golfing, played 18 holes Sunday with Rory MclIroy President Trump, who pledged as candidate to limit his […]

Who Are The Illegal Aliens Democrats Are Supporting In Wake Of Sweeps?

The immigration sweeps have mostly disappeared from the news, in the few days since they occurred. Nevertheless, liberals have been howling over the sweeps, and the Democrat base is still wound up on blogs and social media. Immigration stooge Jorge Ramos had a shoot out with Sean Hannity, and couldn’t really provide any cogent, cohesive, […]

Majority Of Democrats Feel Other Religions As Violent As Islam

Democrats always look for some sort of equivalence when they attempt to protect the subsection of Islam which is increasingly violent in the name of Islam. Further, they are quick to blame all of Christianity, Judaism, etc, when something happens, while claiming that any attack by someone yelling “Allahu Akbar!” has nothing to do with […]

Democrats To Rely On Anger For Trump Era

Because Democrats have been so calm, cool, and collected so far, they want to make 2020 about anger Trump sets Democratic field ablaze with anger The price of entry for the 2020 presidential primary is ferocious opposition to the president. The Democratic base is so roiled and enraged after only two weeks of Donald Trump’s […]

After Women’s March, Cuomo Pushes Free Abortions And Contraception For These Super Empowered Women

As you surely know by now, dozens of hardcore leftist organizations participated in a march on Washington to push for all sorts of leftist ideas, like abortion, ‘climate change’, vaginas, pussy’s, flipping people off while grabbing their vaginas, wearing pussy hats telling us they’re empowered (hey, that’s what most of the photos I saw seemed […]

Today’s Inauguration Day Trump Derangement Syndrome Brought To You By Most Of The Media

The day has finally arrived when Donald Trump, the most unlikely of candidates, will be inaugurated as America’s 45th President. Rather than attempting to show some hope, maybe offer some ideas for Mr. Trump, the national news media continues it’s meltdown. Here’s the NY Times Editorial Board, part of the paper that published an unsubstantiated […]

Man Who Uses Lots Of Fossil Fuels Asks Why The Climate Is Changing

No, not that man. Obama wasn’t present when Senator Bernie Sanders, who used vast amounts of fossil fuels and electricity to travel around the country vying for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, along with his constant use of fossil fuels to travel between D.C. and Vermont, along with all the junkets (Washington Post) One of […]

Obama To Press: Hey, Guys, You Really Need To Do Your Jobs Now

File this one under “Chutzpah”, as Obama held last presser ever as POTUS telling us how disappointed he is in us all (via Hot Air) Pres. Obama to press: "You're not supposed to be complimentary. You're supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power." — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 18, 2017 And […]

Great News: Obama Pisses Away Another $500 Million To UN Climate Fund

How much damage can this guy do in his last few days? (BBC News) The US government has given half a billion dollars to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, just three days before Donald Trump takes office. Barack Obama’s outgoing administration announced the contribution of $500m (£406m; €468m) on Tuesday, bringing the total funds to […]

Obligatory “Obama Commutes Bradley Manning’s Sentence” Post

This has lefties squeeing, and they’re super excited that Obama has more commutations than any other president. Somehow, they think that commuting the sentences of scumbags, domestic terrorists, people with violent gun charges, and those who damages the US national security is a Great Idea (UK Guardian) Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier who became […]

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