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Liz Warren Has Meltdown Over Neil Gorsuch

We were pretty sure how Fauxcahontas was going to vote on Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. She’s just making it clear with a whiny meltdown Neil Gorsuch does not belong on the Supreme Court WHEN JUSTICE Antonin Scalia died last year, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions of dollars to keep the […]

Bummer: Trump Plans To Cancel Illegal Alien Program California Depends On

Perhaps California should rethink it’s policies on being a haven for illegals and they wouldn’t have to be quite concerned with seeing this policy cut (LA Times) For all of the unprecedented elements of President Trump’s federal budget plans, there’s an item buried in the list of detailed spending cuts that has a familiar, contentious […]

Sore Losers Pass Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates To Release Their Taxes

The Sore Loser Symphony travels to New Jersey (The Hill) New Jersey lawmakers this week passed legislation that would force any presidential and vice-presidential candidates to disclose their federal tax returns in order to appear on the state’s ballots starting in 2020, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The bill was approved in the Democratic-controlled […]

Whiny California Judge Seeks To Block Feds From Detaining Illegals In State Courts

Well, this is interesting: remember when Democrats were telling us that federal law took precedence over state law, and federal officials took precedence over state ones? Good times, good times California Judge Seeks to Prevent Immigration Arrests Inside State Courts The chief justice of California’s Supreme Court on Thursday asked the administration of U.S. President […]

Trump Looks To Do Away With “Social Cost Of Carbon” In Federal Government

As Trump is staffing EPA with lots of climate skeptics, including many aides to Senator Jim Inhofe, a longtime foe of the idiocy of the ‘climate change’ movement, he’s also, supposedly, looking to release orders to make changes to the government involvement in ‘climate change’ (Washington Post) President Trump could issue a sweeping executive order […]

White House To Pelosi On Gang Of Eight Bill: “Nope.”

The White House is open to compromise, but not that compromise. Perhaps if she promised to reveal what’s in it once it’s passed? (Newsmax) On Friday morning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called for a compromise with the White House on illegal immigration by reviving the “Gang of Eight” measure that passed the Senate four […]

President Obama Was Apparently A Slave Driver Of Illegal Aliens

The Washington Post apparently thinks they’re pulling a big slap out of their pocket aimed squarely at President Trump, and as a way to stop his orders on illegal immigration. But, as the saying went while George W. Bush was president, and during the early years of the Obama admin when trying to Blame Bush, […]

Suddenly, Trump Reading From A Teleprompter Is A Bad Thing

For eight years, we were treated to the Greatest Orator Ever!!!!! speaking from a teleprompter. Conservatives even came up with a name for Obama’s teleprompter: TOTUS. Teleprompter Of The United States. And discussed TOTUS as if it were alive. There were lots of jokes about this, most in jest, some nasty. Because, when it came […]

Dems Bright Idea: Bring Illegal Aliens To Trump Address To Congress

This could be a very bad idea (via Twitchy) Democrats are bringing undocumented immigrants to Trump's address to a joint session of Congress via @EliStokols — POLITICO (@politico) February 27, 2017 Uh huh When President Donald Trump makes his first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, at least four undocumented […]

Trump, A Critic Of Obama Playing Golf, Plays Golf Or Something

We now have the first official Credentialed Media complaint of Trump playing golf because he noted Obama playing golf. This is yet another reason why we say the media has an agenda Trump, a frequent critic of Obama’s golfing, played 18 holes Sunday with Rory MclIroy President Trump, who pledged as candidate to limit his […]

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