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ICE Director Knocks Down Idiot Democrats Talking Points About Being “Anti-Immigrant”

Democrats love to cast accusations again people who are doing one thing (Daily Wire) During a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on Central American migration and border security, Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-Ca) went on a rant accusing ICE of having an “anti-immigrant” agenda. “Now we love to talk about this issue about the MS-13 gangs, […]

Remember, Democrats Totally Aren’t Trying To Take Your Guns Away (Part Lots)

As Glenn Beck points out And this is why gun owners and constitutionalist don’t believe in the left’s ‘common sense gun control’. #2ndAmendment #NRA #houstonshooting #GunControlNow #Texas — Glenn Beck (@glennbeck) May 19, 2018 We know what’s behind the Democrat talking points, so when they call for ‘common sense gun control”, we won’t allow […]

Not Coming For Your Guns: Boulder Passes Anti-Gun Ordinance, Essentially Bans All Semi-Automatic Rifles From City

I mentioned the other day that the City of Boulder, Colorado, was looking to do this, and now they have passed it, and we can see the final legislation, and it’s worse than the news articles realize (Fox News) The Boulder City Council unanimously passed a sweeping gun control ordinance Tuesday night banning “assault weapons” […]

Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Deal, Isolating America From Europe Or Something

What’s left of Mr. Obama’s legacy at this point? Bad deal after bad deal has been scuttled by President Trump. This NY Times article has had the headline changed at least 3 times, originally being about concern over America losing credibility in Europe Trump Abandons Iran Nuclear Deal He Long Scorned President Trump declared on […]

Kamala Harris Backs Striking Public Sector Workers Over Graduating Kids, People In Need Of Medical Service

Overall, though, this is less about Kamala, who is considered a leading contender to run for the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2020, and more about why public sector unions should be abolished Sen. Kamala Harris backs out of commencement speech at UC Berkeley U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is heeding a boycott call […]

Say, Why Aren’t More Blue States And Cities Enacting A Cheap And Effective Way To Reduce Gun Crime?

Probably because White Democrats really do not care about the blacks living on the Dem plantations, except for the brief periods when their votes are needed There’s A Cheap And Effective Way To Reduce Gun Violence. Why Aren’t More States Doing It? Maryland enacted a wide-reaching package of gun violence prevention laws last week, becoming […]

California Democrat Recommends Banning “Assault Rifles”, Forced Confiscation

Remember, Democrats tell us that they don’t want to take away anyone’s guns, they just want to make it harder for criminals. Right up till you get Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California’s San Francisco Bay area, who’s co-chair of the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and serves on the House Judiciary Committee […]

Washington Post Finally Finds Way To Dismiss Iran Deal Revelations

Exactly what does America get out of the Iran deal? Sure, there are a few things, like not having to go to war and stopping Iran (on paper) from developing nuclear weapons for a time, which are both issues created because Iran is run by despicable people. A few companies, such as Boeing, get to […]

NJ Considers Raising Age To Buy Rifles And Shotguns

Repeat after me: “Democrats are totally not looking to take away people’s Rights to purchase firearms, we just want to make it more difficult for Bad people to get firearms” Lawmakers want to raise age to buy rifles, shotguns in N.J. You may soon be barred from legally buying a rifle or shotgun in New Jersey […]

Surprise: Iran Lied About Their Nuclear Program

This is shocking news, shocking. Though it is interesting how the NY Times puts it, in that “Israel says”, as opposed to tens of thousands of documents say Israel Says Secret Files Prove Iran Lied About Nuclear Program Revealing a huge archive of stolen Iranian nuclear plans, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accused Iran […]

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