If All You See…

…is an evil plastic water bottle causing desertification, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on yet another reason Trump was elected.

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New Meme: ‘Climate Change’ Wrongthink Is A Clear And Present Danger Or Something

Recently, the Cult of Climastrology has been trotting out a new meme, namely, that failing to toe the line on anthropogenic climate change is big, big, big danger to everything. Previously, Warmists complained that failure to Do Something, which revolved around taxes, fees, and restrictions on citizens and private entities, was the danger. Now?

EDITORIAL: Climate change denial a clear and present danger

Climate change deniers come in many forms. Some — including the president of the United States — argue the whole thing is a hoax fostered by nefarious figures. Others will concede a degree of warming that’s simply part of a global cycle that can’t be altered. Some acknowledge that man-made emissions may have contributed to the warming, but not enough to justify jumping through environmental hoops to try to counter the impact.

What all of those denial theories have in common, however, is a dismissive attitude toward the effects of climate change — if those effects even exist in the skeptics’ minds. Rising sea levels, extreme weather and polluted air and water will mostly be our grandchildren’s problem, not ours. So why hurt businesses now in response to a manufactured crisis?

This is the Asbury Park Press editorial board, a leading newspaper along the New Jersey shore. They’re taking the opinion that no one is allowed to have a differing opinion on ‘climate change,’ because, otherwise, we’re doomed. Liberals are codifying their views on Wrongthink heavily to AGW. Liberals really do not like when people have divergent thoughts. Of course, the ABP was unable to actually, you know, prove the hypothesis that Mankind mostly/solely is at fault for the Modern Warm Period. Weird, right?

Also weird: the ABP uses vast amounts of carbon pollution spewing fossil fuels and energy, along with killing lots of trees, so that they can gather the news and disseminate it.

Then you have this guy

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science Deniers In Power Are A Profound Threat To Democracy

The U.S. grew from a “backwoods country” to one of “greatest nations the world has ever known” thanks to science — but that pillar of America is eroding, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson warns.

Science deniers “rising to power” now create a “recipe for the complete dismantling of our informed democracy,” Tyson says in a powerful new video that he promises contains “what may be the most important words I have ever spoken.”

“People have lost the ability to judge what is true and what is not, what is reliable, what is not reliable,” he says in the above video, which he posted to Facebook Wednesday. “That’s not the country I remember growing up in. I don’t remember any other time where people were standing in denial of what science was.”

Warmists are equating disbelief in AGW with a denial of all science. Which is funny, considering these same Warmist typically are unable to state that there are just two sexes. But, hey, if you don’t believe in AGW, then you are dooming Democracy! Wrongthink to the max.

And you can bet this meme will continue to rise, where the Warmists go on a rampage against Wrongthink. You can see it happening on Twitter and Facebook and CoC blogs. Now it’s spreading into the higher level Warmist talking points.

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Democrat Big Wigs To Pro-Life Democrats: Get In Line Or Get Out

Abortion on Demand with no restrictions has long been the holy grail of the Democratic Party. No issue is bigger or more important for them. Everything returns to abortion. And most of the big shots have a message for pro-life Democrats

(Daily Caller) The 28 percent of Democrats who oppose abortion have no place in the Democratic party, according to two of the party’s leading figures.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin echoed party chair Tom Perez Sunday in saying that there is no room in the party for dissent on the abortion issue.

“I am committed to women’s rights under the law, reproductive rights certainly, and our party is [committed],” Durbin said in an appearance on CNN. “We’ve made that part of our platform and position for a long, long time. I know within the ranks of the Democratic Party there are those who see that differently on a personal basis, but when it comes to the policy position, I think we need to be clear and unequivocal.”

Those who personally believe abortion is wrong can be allowed in the party, Durbin added, “as long as they are prepared to back the law, Roe versus Wade, prepared to back women’s rights as we’ve defined them under the law.” That is: all members of the Democratic party are expected to publicly support abortion, regardless of what they personally believe.

I wonder if this would have applied to Senator Harry Reid who, for most of his career, was pro-life, thought Roe v Wade should be overturned, and generally refused to support abortion except in cases of incest, rape, or when the mother’s life was in danger.

Nancy Pelosi was the almost voice of reason, or, more likely, attempted to protect the Democrats from idiots making proclamations that could drive Democrat voters away

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared to contradict Perez and Durbin on Sunday.

“Of course” Democrats can also be pro-life, Pelosi said on MSNBC. Pelosi quickly changed the subject, however, and did not address whether Democrats can support pro-life policies, in addition, to personally opposing abortion.

Democrats have long had a purity test for federally appointed judges, especially for the Supreme Court, continuously asking if the candidate would uphold Roe v Wade and other abortion “rights.” They will mostly abandon any Democrat running for office who is pro-life or not sufficiently pro-abortion.

In wondering why Democrats are fighting each other on abortion on demand, Bill Scher notes

(Real Clear Politics) NARAL Pro-Choice President Ilyse Hogue responded with force: “If Democrats think the path forward following the 2016 election is to support candidates who substitute their own judgement and ideology for that of their female constituents, they have learned all the wrong lessons and are bound to lose. It’s not possible to have an authentic conversation about economic security for women that does not include our ability to decide when and how we have children.”

Groups like NARAL are essentially the most important groups that back the Democrats. Displeasing them is a Bad Idea. And, apparently, we can’t discuss anything women related without making sure women who had unprotected sex while drunk can have an abortion whenever they want.

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Brooklyn Moves To Protect Criminal Illegals From Deportation For “Petty Crimes”

I wonder if the Brooklyn district attorney’s office is familiar with 8 U.S. Code § 1324?

(NY Times) The Brooklyn district attorney’s office, promising to seek “equal and fair justice” for the borough’s vulnerable foreign-born residents, has created a policy that tailors prosecutions to avoid, when possible, the deportation or detention of immigrants charged with certain misdemeanors or nonviolent crimes.

The policy, which was to be announced officially on Monday, calls for hundreds of Brooklyn prosecutors to notify defense lawyers about the potential immigration consequences of their clients’ cases and to try, without compromising public safety, to prosecute foreign-born defendants to achieve what the district attorney’s office describes as an “immigration-neutral disposition.” (snip)

The policy being adopted in Brooklyn seeks to mitigate the effects of criminal prosecutions of immigrants by ordering prosecutors there to do what they can to secure guilty pleas without invoking federal laws that could lead to detention or deportation, or could cause trouble for those hoping to obtain full citizenship.

What they’re attempting to do is shield illegal aliens from being noticed by federal authorities when they’ve committed a crime, as well as refusing to notify federal authorities when an illegal has been caught

1324(a)(1)(A) Any person who—

(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;

(iv)encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or

A violation of either can result in a fine and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years. If the illegal causes bodily harm to someone and/or places someone’s life in jeopardy, the “person” can be fined and/or imprisoned up to 20 years. If the illegal causes a death? Life imprisonment. This could be the fate of the Brooklyn DA and any others who cooperate while they’re attempting to shield people who are in violation of federal immigration law for “minor crimes”

Schaumburg murder suspect’s prior crimes deportable under new Trump policy

When Bulmaro Mejia-Maya, now a suspect in the slaying of Tiffany Thrasher of Schaumburg, pleaded guilty in 2013 to a charge of misdemeanor battery, he avoided the radar of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

At that time, the minor conviction was not enough to jeopardize the Mexican native’s permanent resident status or enough for the government to revoke his valid green card, federal authorities said.

Today, that conviction would make him eligible for deportation.

When President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13768 in late February, it broadened Obama-era priorities of immigration agents targeting undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes to targeting all immigrants convicted of any offense, no matter how small.

Maya is exactly the type of person the Brooklyn DA’s office is looking to protect. Just a minor crime. Right up till Maya sexually assaulted then murdered Ms. Schaumburg. He is also wanted for failing to appear in Utah on drug charges. And, he’s a flight risk, having turned himself in in Florida after fleeing Illinois.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should explain the consequences of 8 U.S. Code 1324 to the Brooklyn DA’s office.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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If All You See…

…is a glass of dirty water caused by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on Jeff Session having bad news for Dreamers.

It’s “cleaning out the unused photos in the IAYS folder” week.

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! A gorgeous day in America. The birds are singing, spring is in the air, Warmists are taking unnecessary fossil fueled trips. This pinup is by I’m Not Sure, with a wee bit of help. Reverse search isn’t giving me the right name.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Legal Insurrection notes a Sharia law advocate giving a commencement address
  2. The First Street Journal discusses moral equivalency and what you shouldn’t do
  3. Raised On Hoecakes notes the VA and DOJ having nothing better to do
  4. NoTricksZone covers the hiatus being real, per science
  5. Jo Nova notes what the March for Science is attempting to accomplish
  6. America’s Watchtower covers an executive order that slipped under the radar
  7. Basil’s Blog notes the loss of one of the most powerful early bloggers, who will be dearly missed
  8. Bizzy Blog covers who’s to blame for the Venezuelan riots, per Rachel Maddow
  9. Creeping Sharia notes Australia getting tough on Islamist immigrants
  10. DaTechGuy discusses triggering frog haters
  11. Flopping Aces has a suggestion for the next SCOTUS vacancy
  12. Gay Patriot notes leftists attacking a highly qualified black woman
  13. The Geller Report covers an MSNBC guest calling for ISIS to bomb Trump property
  14. Jihad Watch discusses more insane “blame ourselves” in the fight against Islamism
  15. And last, but not least, Michelle Malkin (Doug Powers) notes Bill Nye being upset that he had to defend his beliefs

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page. While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

Anyone else have a link or hotty-fest going on? Let me know so I can add you to the list. (BTW, since someone asked, the reason I leave links for the previous week up (or you might see a *) is because they are place holders for later in the day or for next weeks. Easier than rewriting all the time. Also, the listing order has to do with how they are added over time, not how good a post is. I just copy and paste from the previous week, then edit. If you see one of the *’s, go ahead and check out the blog anyhow, see if there is an update. I cannot update with my Android during the day.

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March For (Fake) Science Demonstrators Say They’re The Real Patriots Or Something

And it was totally not political!

(NBC News) It’s not often that bugs get whoops and cheers.

Lovers of science got their day in the rain Saturday as they rallied around their passions, delivering applause for the technology that brought their smart phones to the obvious theme of climate change on Earth Day.

Scientists didn’t create smartphones: engineers did. Furthermore, Warmists tell us that all the mining and use of electricity for smartphones is Bad for ‘climate change’ and the overall environment (which are two separate issues).

And while the March for Science was on the surface nonpartisan, politics bubbled up again and again.

(Rest in the individual post. Click the more tag)

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Trump Has To Care About ‘Climate Change’ To Save U.S. Infrastructure Or Something

People in cults always have to drag their cultish beliefs into everything. Here’s another case, where CNN Money runs a thinly veiled opinion piece as news

If Trump wants to save U.S. infrastructure, he needs to care about climate change

President Trump wants to make America’s roads, bridges and tunnels great again. But the Trump administration’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan could be wasted if it ignores the predicted effects of climate change.

Extreme heat could cause pipes to crack, or melt asphalt. Airports below sea level could be flooded. Communities could relocate because of drought or heat, putting pressure on transportation systems and reducing the relevancy of others. Extreme weather could cause flooding of inland roads, and storm surges could flood highways on the coasts.

Why are airports below sea level? Pretty stupid planning, wouldn’t you say? But, hey, this is about scaremongering. Nothing more, nothing less.

Climate scientists predict more bouts of extreme weather and larger swings in temperature, “which upends how we have to think about designing,” Chester added.

That allows Warmists to proclaim that cold, snow, ice, winter weather is all part of man-caused climate change.

In some cases, the infrastructure failures predicted by climate models have already happened. For example, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority estimates that Hurricane Sandy, which flooded the New York City subway system, caused $4.75 billion in infrastructure damage.

There’s some debate over whether the hurricane itself was caused by climate change — but scientists agree that we can expect to see weather events like Sandy more frequently as a result of global warming. That makes it harder to file away the damage done by Sandy as a singular occurrence.

They keep telling us about things being “the new normal”, yet, that fails to materialize. Sandy was supposed to be the new normal, yet, there’s been no repeat. Landfalling hurricane activity has fallen to record lows. No major landfalling hurricanes since 2005. California’s permanent drought has ended. When you devolve into prognostication like a palm reader, you’ve left the realm of science.

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If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, handy for getting Warmists to marches, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Outside The Beltway, with a post explaining that the Constitution does indeed protect “hate speech”.

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It’s Earth Day Again, And Scientists Are Marching For More Taxpayer Funding For Junk Science

There’s a big march on Washington, which has spread out to being a march around the world. It’s not important enough for the NY Times, LA Times, or Washington Post to cover (other than a traffic story in the WP). A few other sites are pimping it, such as ABC News

March for Science events to take place around the globe

Thousands of people are expected to attend March for Science events around the world to promote the understanding of science and defend it from various attacks, including U.S. government budget cuts.

The March for Science was dreamed up at the Women’s March on Washington, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. Saturday is also Earth Day.


Basing the march on an unhinged anti-Trump march, featuring all the Usual Unhinged Moonbat Leftist social justice warrior garbage is probably not the best thing.

The march puts scientists, who generally shy away from advocacy and whose work depends on objective experimentation, into a more public position.

Really? Shy away? The climastrologists are constantly yelling in public about uber-doom.

Objective experimentation? They rely on ginned up data, failed computer models, and essentially reading tea leaves to tell us future doom.

Scientists involved in the march said they are anxious about political and public rejection of established science such as climate change and the safety of vaccines.

And there will be lots of pussy hats and angry anti-Trump signs. As Jo Nova explains

The March for Science is on Saturday.

Will J Grant and Rod Lambert struggled with the message behind the “March for Science” at The Conversation. We should march, they said a month ago, because “science is a human process”, which will be news to people who thought science was about evidence and reason instead. On Saturday they will be marching for the kind of science that is “passion” and “belief”. Don’t turn up thinking this is about the dispassionate Laws of Physics. You’ll be at the wrong rally.

The March seems to be fighting strawmen. It is supposedly about “Encouraging scientists to share their research” (as if scientists like to hide their research). We know they hide their data, their methods and their adjustments, but when the ABC turns up to interview them, they don’t seem to hide their opinions. They hide their declines but don’t hide their Nobel Prizes (even if they didn’t get them). Do they need encouragement?

Jo’s #1 conclusion about the march?

Those who can’t discover something useful have to march in the streets instead. The March is one big Pat-on-The-Back for the crusaders for taxpayer funds.

Make sure to read the whole thing. Oh, and expect to see lots of wonderful photos from at least Washington, D.C., where the area is covered in trash from all the Earth loving scientists and SJWs (who took evil fossil fueled vehicles to the marches).


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