Eugene Robinson: Hey, We Need To Talk About Why People Are Scared Of Young Black Men

Eugene is not a happy man….but, then, are Liberals ever happy?

(Washington Post) Justice failed Trayvon Martin the night he was killed. We should be appalled and outraged, but perhaps not surprised, that it failed him again Saturday night, with a verdict setting his killer free.

Except for one problem: we have a system of Law, not justice. There was a tragic series of circumstances that led to Trayvon Martin’s death. But, none of them were against the Law. Except perhaps Trayvon assaulting Zimmerman first. I’d suggest reading this article by William Saletan for a good recap. We cannot base on criminal legal system on feelings and interpretations, but on facts. Zimmerman is guilty of very bad judgement. That’s not against the law as written. And, I bet everyone who enters the legal justice system would like to be held to a standard of hard facts and evidence, not emotions.

Our society considers young black men to be dangerous, interchangeable, expendable, guilty until proven innocent. This is the conversation about race that we desperately need to have — but probably, as in the past, will try our best to avoid.

Yet, that’s a conversation Eugene failed to have during the following thirteen paragraphs, except in terms of saying “it’s racist” and “you’re mean”.

This might be the most contentious thing I’ve ever written. Like most, I stay away from writing on race, because people will immediately brand one a raaaaacist. But, why do people have concerns about young black men? Could it be that many young black men think the “thug life” is cool? That street fighting is cool? That tattooing themselves up is cool? That acting the part of a thug is cool for many? Where are the parents of these kids to set them on the straight path? Oh, that’s right, Liberal policies about the family have led to a massive breakup of the family, particularly for Blacks, who have the highest rate of illegitimate births of any race in the US.

Not all of that applies to Trayvon. He apparently had a loving family, and, let’s face it, not every parent can control a teenager. Probably few can, at least in their secret lives. I can’t say I was a little darling during my teen years, hanging out with a somewhat bad crowd for a few years. But, the suspensions, being caught with empty bags of pot, vandalism, having stolen jewelry in his possession, street fighting, pictures of guns and pot on his social timeline, and an apparent predilection for the drug “Lean” highlight a teen who was out of control.

Bias is a part of life. We look at someone and judge them. Those judgements do not always meet the reality. I look at a young black man with tats and gold teeth wearing his pants low and I think “thug”. I look at a young white teen with a shaved head and hard look and I think “white supremacist”. Are those fair? Perhaps not. But, I bet you, regardless of your race, have preconceived notions. You can lie out-loud, but you can’t lie to your inner self.

Perhaps the race hustlers should be more concerned with changing dynamic for young black men and working to improve their lives, telling them that mimicking the thug life is not OK, even if they aren’t thugs. Perhaps they could change the dynamic where many consider education to be a “white thing” and bad. Perhaps they should consider just what they’re advocating and if that is a problem. Back in the latter half of the 20th Century, whites said “we’re tired of all being though of as racists because of the actions of a minority” and marched with Blacks for racial equality under the law. Whites said enough and pushed through laws like the Civil Rights Act. Perhaps it’s time for the Black community leaders to take care of their own.

More: Bob at The Camp Of The Saints notes a few posts by R.S. McCain on the thug culture, and writes

This phenomenon has invaded every sector of American Society.  It cares not what skin color one has, as it feeds off the Souls of it’s followers.  It is celebrated throughout Society.  It is deemed ‘cool’.  It can be found lurking in the blood-soaked streets of Chicago and in the sloppy dress of middle-class people.  It pervades the arts.  It pervades politics.  Most of America worships The Cult Of The Thug to one degree or another.

No restoration of our freedoms and liberties will long survive until we purge ourselves of such affections as we have for things like The Thug Culture.

Even more: Democrat Rep. Luis Gutiérrez is calling for hearings through the House judiciary committee. Gee, think Zimmerman will be treated in accordance with his Constitutional Rights?

Rick Moran has some thought some that.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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Comment by Tom
2013-07-16 08:28:47

There is a discussion about race which needs to take place in this country. Unfortunately the black community wants no part of it. Until the black community comes to terms with how they themselves have failed to live up to and further the cause others died for there will be no meaningful dialog and no progress.

Bill Cosby has tried to make the point on several occasions but most in the black community choose not hear.

Comment by david7134
2013-07-16 10:24:08

I have been stopped in neighborhoods and asked why I was there, I never, ever hit someone and tried to kill them for asking or observing my activity. One good answer is simply to say you are a sex predator and notifying everyone of your presence. Not much they can do then.

Comment by Kevin
2013-07-16 10:40:41

I saw a comedian on Comedy Central tell this joke:

We meed to have an open, honest dialog about race in America. For instance, I might say, “Hey white man. Calm down. Why are you always so uptight? Relax.” And he might say, “Hey black man. How did you get into my house?”

Comment by Creepy_Ass_Cracka_Gumballs
2013-07-16 21:35:08

LOL Kevin!!!

So, we have here, once again, the US FEDERAL GOV’T going after a single individual. How is this not tyrannical? How is this not oppressive? The Feds should be about the majority, about the Feds as a whole. Not attacking or vilifying individual people.

We need a change of government. Or I need to move to an uncharted island.

Comment by Bob Belvedere
2013-07-16 23:20:25

-Thanks, Admiral.

-Re: The DOJ going after George Zimmerman. ‘Bill Of Attainder’ anyone???

Comment by Creepy_Ass_Cracka_Gumballs
2013-07-17 09:04:42

Within the U.S. Constitution, the clauses forbidding attainder laws serve two purposes. First, they reinforced the separation of powers, by forbidding the legislature to perform judicial or executive functions—since the outcome of any such acts of legislature would of necessity take the form of a bill of attainder. Second, they embody the concept of due process, which was partially reinforced by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. The text of the Constitution, Article I, Section 9; Clause 3 is “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed”.

The constitution of every State also expressly forbids bills of attainder.

Sure does sound like what Mr Eugene wants to do is enact JUDICIAL and EXECUTIVE powers.

Comment by Al Miller
2013-07-17 18:27:42

“He apparently had a loving family”

Where do that come from. His mama kicked him out long ago.

Comment by Creepy_Ass_Cracka_Gumballs
2013-07-17 19:22:13

Not sure she kicked him out, as he was with her and attending school before he was suspended for theft. He was spending his suspension at his dad’s place. That’s the gist I got anyway.

Comment by joshua
2013-07-21 22:18:28

I know exactly what happened that
night because I have been paying attention to the liberal media!
9-year old Trayvon Martin was on his
way home from choir practice and delivering hot meals to the elderly.
He stopped to hold umbrellas for a
Girl Scout Troop which was raising money for quadriplegic AIDS victims in
Africa. After he helped the Girl Scouts, he then delivered 10 Golden Retriever
puppies which were breach birth.
when George Zimmerman pulled up in his Hummer, (And it wasn’t one of those good
mileage H3 Hummers that soccer moms and real estate agents drive, it was one of
the first generation Hummers in full camo.) on his way home from a White Hispanic KKK
meeting. In the back seat of GZ’s Hummer, police found two boxes of
fund-raising literature for the “Peruvians for George Bush PAC.”
There were
two large Confederate flags flying from twin 15′ bumper mount CB antennas.
High on meth and shouting racist
slogans, GZ saw TM and opened up with his twin roof-mounted 50 caliber machine
TM saved all the Girl Scouts and
their LGBT leaders and then went back to save the Golden Retriever puppies.
GZ ran out of ammunition so he
unholstered two Desert Eagle .44 magnum pistols and started firing at the puppies
and TM.
That’s when TM was hit in the back
by 32 rounds of hollow-point, teflon-coated & explosive ammunition.
With his last breaths, TM prayed for
GZ and forgave him.
Then GZ called his cop buddies who
were at the KKK rally. They cleaned up the site and made the Girl Scouts and
Golden Retrievers “disappear” in the Everglades so there would be no
witnesses. They washed the blood from GZ’s jowls after he gnawed on TM’s still
beating heart.
It must be true! Justice for Trayvon
(and his mother’s merchandising rights)!
Oh yes, GZ is the current world
champion for ALL schools of martial art and had just escaped from a mental
institution for the criminally insane. A few years earlier, he was indicted for
murder eight times but got off only because his father was a Supreme Court
TM was at
least the spiritual and possibly the actual son of the Most Awesomest President
GZ, the
first White Hispanic man condemned by BO, the first Black White President was
whisked away by black helicopters to an undisclosed prison facility believed to
be next to Guantanamo Bay waterboarding camp in Cuba, managed and run by
Blackwater staff and Halliburton retirees as a crowd of unemployed loyal black
American patriots watched respectfully and peacefully, lead by Uber
conservative religious spokespersons Most Reverent Alphonso Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the
highly educated and lawabiding New Black Panther honor guard and drum line, and
members of the Congressional Black Caucus that vowed to disband their group to
secure better race relations with white Hispanics and the far religious
Christian right wind of the GOP. As the helicopters disappeared into the fading
colorful Norman Rockwallish American sunset, the crowd gently hummed the
national anthem and the American flag was seen being slowly stuck to the bugle
rendition of Taps delivered by quadruple amputee Seal Team Six survivor of the
famous Obama Bin Laden successful murder of Ossama bin Laden, terrorist leader of
the universe.


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