Warmist Thinks $1600 A Year Per Person To Pay For HotColdWetDry Is No Big Deal

But, all you climate terrorists Warmists should run right out and purchase carbon credits

(Forbes) As above, this is a very common misunderstanding of the very point of a carbon tax: it is not, not at all, in order to stop climate change. It is to enable us to have the right amount of climate change.

Now that’s funny! Tim Worstall thinks that Mankind can control the weather by (supposedly) planting a few trees through purchasing a few carbon offsets.

It’s also worth pointing something else out. $80 a tonne CO2 is something like 40 cents a gallon on gas. And that’s it, we’re done, problem solved, human utility maximised over time. OK, we’ve now got to add the tax to coal and natural gas and so on but the real point about the carbon tax is how trivially small the solution to climate change is. I myself just don’t understand why everyone makes such a fuss about it. get on with it and we’re done, sorted. In fact, in my native UK, the numbers are such that the correct carbon tax would lower the price of gas.

As Tom Nelson points out through a bit of research, the US per capita CO2 out put is 19.78 tons per inhabitant a year. That’s a price tag of $1,582.40 per American per year.

Ok, Warmists, pony up! Do your part….what? You can’t afford that? That would mean no fossil fueled trip for a vacation? Goodness!

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Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-23 20:10:28

It’s worse than that. They actually believe that just PAYING the carbon credit is the how the world will heal.

Comment by William Teach
2012-11-23 22:18:26

True. But, interestingly, few Climate Terrorists actually pay themselves.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-24 00:09:55

Yeah. They do Teach. It’s called tax-payer funded STIMULUS.

Comment by john
2012-11-24 12:17:53

The carbon tax will probbal start around 20 dollars per ton or about 10 cents a gallon of gas. By the time it reaches 80 dollars Teach they will have taken away your car keys anyway.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-24 12:19:45

Yep, leave it to racist troll to WANT people to lose freedoms.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-26 16:56:23

$80 a tonne CO2 is something like 40 cents a gallon on gas. And that’s it, we’re done, problem solved, human utility maximised over time.

Well, hell, if $80 is all it takes to make these commie trolls go away.. I’ll pay the stupid fine. $80 and they can claim they saved the world. I’ll let them have that bit of glory. Just don’t open your mouths ever again. $80 dollars and the world is fixed for our lifetimes.

But, you have to tell us where that money will be going to. And I want a receipt and proof-of-delivery!


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