Stand Against Abusive Felon Brett Kimberlin (sticky for the day)

I told you a bit about Leftist felon and bomber Brett Kimberlin the other day and that Lee Stranahan called for a blogburst today. Today bloggers will stand with Aaron Worthing, Robert Stacy McCain, Patterico, Liberty Chick, Seth Allen, and others who have been terrorized by Kimberlin for exposing him and his links to Democrats. Stranahan also highlights the links between Kimberlin and The Brad Blog. There’s a website dedicated to exposing Kimberlin now


Zilla of the Resistance has an incredibly detailed post on just who this guy is, and what he’s done to people who have exposed him, and writes

What did Stacy do to find himself in the cross-hairs of this violent terrorist thug? The same thing that gets the rest of us targeted by vile leftists who want to silence us: he told the truth: about Kimberlin, his violent criminal history, the leftist operatives that he is connected to, and the plethora of money that The Speedway Bomber has been given by a myriad of well known progressives.

The Lonely Conservative has her blogburst up, along with a ton of links to those participating

Brett Kimberlin, aka The Speedway Bomber,  is not a nice man. He’s on a mission to go after any blogger who dares to speak the truth about him. He doesn’t want anyone writing about his sordid past, or his ties to liberal groups and “charitable” foundations that send his “non-profit” businesses money.

RS McCain makes a good point

This story is about Brett Kimberlin, and involves a Neutral Objective Fact that can be expressed in four simple words: LYING FELON BRETT KIMBERLIN

Michelle Malkin has moved her post to lead position for the day.

Others who have blogged about this (thanks to the list at The Lonely Conservative)

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds

The American Thinker
Walter Olson at Overlawyered
Blazing Cat Fur
Donald Douglas at American Power
The American Catholic
The Lonely Conservative
Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury
Nice Deb
Sundries Shack
PJMedia Tatler
Dan Riehl
Film Ladd
The Coalition of the Swilling
Richard Fernandez
Legal Insurrection
Daley Gator
The Camp of the Saints
Wake Up America
Darth Chipmunk
Zilla of the Resistance
Lady Liberty 1885
Goldfish and Clowns
Small Dead Animals
Yid with Lid
Evil Blogger Lady
Israel Matzav
Lisa Graas
Bob Owens

Zilla of the Resistance

PL Birnam Wood
POH Diaries
Granite Grok
PJ Tatler
Wake Up America
Capital Research Center
Day By Day Cartoon
Bookworm Room

Daley Gator


Political Junkie Mom

Sister Toldjah

Ask Marion

Reform a Liberal

Radio Patriot

An Ex-Con’s View (who also has a ton of links)

Rise up America, stand with the hundreds, perhaps thousands of small bloggers, tens of dozens of larger blogs, the handful of major national blogs and spread the word about this creep. I fear its sound will be as a mouse’s fart against the hurricane but do it anyway, it really is your obligation.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know. All updates will be after 7pm, post is too big to update using Droid smartphone.

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One Response to “Stand Against Abusive Felon Brett Kimberlin (sticky for the day)”

  1. teapartyguardian says:

    I am glad to see you standing in solidarity against this type of abuse/terrorism. I Look Forward To Your Blog Everyday!!

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