PETA Wants Whales Freed From Slavery

I’d use a facepalm picture, but I have one lined up for later

(MSNBC) SAN DIEGO —A federal court is being asked to grant constitutional rights to five killer whales who perform at marine parks —an unprecedented and perhaps quixotic legal action that is nonetheless likely to stoke an ongoing, intense debate at America’s law schools over expansion of animal rights.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is accusing the SeaWorld parks of keeping five star-performer whales in conditions that violate the 13th Amendment ban on slavery. SeaWorld depicted the suit as baseless.

The story says there is little chance of the suit succeeding. Gee, ya think?

On Twitter, Dan Collins thinks the killer whales should be given their 2nd Amendment rights.

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Comment by mojo
2011-10-26 17:27:26

FIVE lawyers, laboring mightily for EIGHTEEN months, have prepared a brief of stunning clarity and hopiness.

They may not have a chance in hell, but I’m betting the billable hours were a sight to behold.

Comment by William Teach
2011-10-26 22:18:22

I’d like to have a transcript from the court proceedings, as the judge looks at the plaintiffs and says “Seriously? You’re actually attempting this? Seriously? DERP?”

Comment by Adobe Walls
2011-10-27 15:49:39

We’re gonna need a lot more facilities.


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