AP Photog Stands By As Taliban Murders 2 Women

Apparently, they could not afford the AP’s rates. Via Rusty Shackleford, apparently these two women were murdered while an AP string watch, and, took video.

(The caption of the picture) Two unidentified Afghan Women chat with each other a few minutes before they were executed by Taliban in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, on late Saturday, July 12, 2008.
(AP Photo/Rahmatullah Naikzad)

As Rusty points out

This page from the AP seems to suggest that Rahmatullah Naikzad also took a snuff video of the two women being murdered. [UPDATE: Yes, he did. Video added at end of post]

We would remind the AP that the act of the Taliban inviting a reporter to the murder means they wanted this news out there. The AP was clearly being used as a propaganda outlet for the Taliban.

Does this make him an accomplice or only a witness to the crime? When you know a crime is about to be committed, do you not have a moral and ethical obligation to try to prevent that crime? Even if you’re a journalist? Even if all you do is try to call the authorities, in this case someone in the Afghani government or NATO?

Can we question who’s side the AP is on? When it is some US soldiers at Abu Ghraid putting panties on inmates heads (and, did anyone ask the Muslims whether they liked that? You never know), the AP is in high dudgeon. Two women by the Taliban? Eh. Whatever.

More at Hot Air and Atlas Shrugs.

To steal a phrase from Allahpundit, exit question: will all those liberal women’s groups who we never hear from about the plight of women under Islam decry what the AP has done?

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