Daughters of Iraq graduate in Diyala Province

Things continue to progress in Iraq, and you would think a story like this would be important news, but, sadly, none in the Credentialed Media bother to cover it

 DIYALA, Iraq – Iraqi women graduated from a security training course at the Alabarrah

Police Station in the Diyala Province of Iraq to become members of the Daughters of Iraq July 13.

One-hundred-and-thirty women attended the course and 70 represented them at the graduation.

Several Iraqi children celebrated the occasion by joyfully belting out the Iraqi National Anthem to a crowd of women ready to assist with the protection of their nation.

“We have seen some courageous, strong women stand up and volunteer for this training to help defend their country,” said Lt. Col. Robert McAleer, commander, Fires Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, as he addressed the crowd of graduates.

The Daughters of Iraq is a sister organization to the Sons of Iraq that seeks to employ more Iraqi women in roles that help provide and improve security for their nation.

Imagine this happening anywhere else in the Muslim world. Imagine this happening just a few short years ago. Imagine it happening under Saddam. No, wait, the women would instead have been targets for rape by Saddam’s goons.

Good thing Obama has always been for The Surge and winning in Iraq

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    And THAT tool is the BEST the leftards have to offer as a candidate, which by comparison, if one were to stop idolizing BHusseinO long enough, make McCain look good!

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