TLF: Hillary’s Health Insurance Mandate

As the country heads in to Super Tuesday, and the “I’ll never vote for McCain” groups continues with their “I’ll never vote for McCain” talk, perhaps they should consider this

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton inched closer Sunday to explaining how she would enforce her proposal that everyone have health insurance, but declined to specify – as she has throughout the campaign – how she would penalize those who refuse.

Mrs. Clinton, who did not answer Senator Barack Obama’s question on the topic in a debate last Thursday, was pressed repeatedly to do so Sunday by George Stephanopoulos on the ABC program “This Week.” When Mr. Stephanopoulos asked a third time whether she would garnish people’s wages, Mrs. Clinton responded, “George, we will have an enforcement mechanism, whether it’s that or it’s some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments.”

Local Raleigh radio host Bill Lumay made an important distinction on his show yesterday: these health care plans are not socialist; they are fascist. When you start talking about mandating compliance, with penalties, you are delving in to the totalitarian type systems. Is that what you want?

She then added that the focus on enforcement clouded a more important point, that her proposal to cover the uninsured was superior to Mr. Obama’s because she would mandate coverage for all, while he would require it only for children.

Don’t want to pay for it? Doesn’t matter, you WILL comply. And those penalties in her mind must be whoppers if she still does not want to talk about them, and deflects away from that discussion.

Such is the loss of freedom, of instituting the “common good,” of doing what is best for the volk. If you prefer that over McCain, I think you have forgotten the #1 Conservative ideal: Country Before Party.

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