Demotivation Monday: Give Up The Road

And a Happy Monday to all. Time to take it down a notch, get in the wrong frame of mind for the work week, be prepared to do your least


Mark Steyn has an interesting article in the Chicago Sun-Times, moving from Obama and his "we're working on changing lightbulbs" to

This week, both the House and the Senate voted for defeat in Iraq. That's to say, Congress got tired of waiting for deadbeat insurgents to get their act together and inflict devastating military humiliation on U.S. forces. So America's legislators have voted to mandate the certainty of defeat. They want the withdrawal of American forces to begin this October, which is a faintly surreal concept: Watching CNN International around the world, many viewers unversed in America's constitutional arrangements will have been puzzled by the spectacle of a nation giving six months' notice of surrender. But the cannier types in the presidential palaces will have drawn their own conclusions.

Read the rest.

Now, he brings up some interesting points. The Democrats are essentially give Iran and Al Qaeda a toll booth free Autobahn straight to Iraq. And the Democrats will stop at nothing to achieve those means, as highlighted at Hot Air

Rep. John Murtha suggested the possibility of impeachment to “influence” the President to “compromise” over funding for Iraq. Is it just me or does John Murtha sound like Vito Corleone? Does Murtha not know he is talking about impeaching the President of the United States because he is not compromising with the will of the far-left of Congress? That’s neither a high crime nor even a misdemeanor, which are the behaviors that are supposed to trigger impeachment.

Nothing matters to the far left and the Democrats (not always one and the same, though the former scares the pants off of the latter) except regaining full control of the federal government. Not defeat, not reduction in our security, not a diminishing of our power globally.

To illustrate the point of reduced security, consider that the Democrats and their minions have continuously complained about protecting American assets like the ports and trains, despite it being better to get terrorists overseas. Yet, rather then, yup! introduce and pass legislation, other then giving TSA workers union rights, the Democrats have done little to secure and protect American assets. Certainly not protecting the borders, even though they complained non-stop that we should bring the troops home to secure them. They have virtually ignored the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, even though they stated that they would implement all of them. The bill has yet to hit the Presidents desk.

The only thing they seem to be implementing is the Baker Commissions recommendations to talk to terrorist regimes, and part of their bases caterwaulting to cut and run, excuse me, redeploy, from Iraq.

As a final Demotivation thought, Senator Russ "Censure the Pres" Feingold said "American troops are dying for no good reason at this point. They are in a situation where they are being sacrificed because people want political comfort in Washington" and ABC's This Week. Think about that thought.

In response, Senator Sam Brownback said about the pullout timeline "I think the day we pass it, al Qaeda declares victory over us and much of the world will agree."

BTW, the picture above actually is part of one that runs from Basra in Iraq south-west following the Shatt al Arab to the Iraq-Iran border near Khorramshahr.

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