Trackback Thursday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: Pull Out, Baby!

Yes, it's Thursday, but Surrendie just could not wait for his normal day. He was so excited about the latest House attempt to force cut and run that he was virtually unable to fling poo!

surrender monkey democrats

How'd it go?

(Washington Times)The Democrat-led House last night narrowly passed a $124 billion war-funding bill with a timetable to pull out troops from Iraq, voting hours after top U.S. military commanders made a personal appeal to congressional leaders not to meddle in war strategy. 

It passed on a 218-208 vote, with Democrats backing by a 216-13 margin a mandate for a troop withdrawal to start no later than October or as soon as July if Iraqis do not meet certain policy benchmarks. Republicans opposed the measure by 195-2.

I'm sure that the 216 Defeatocrats who voted for the Bill were popping champagne bottles like they had just made it into the Playoffs. They still haven't won the Championship, as shown by

"Tonight, the House of Representatives voted for failure in Iraq and the president will veto its bill," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said after the vote. 

The goalie says no!

Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee, said during the floor debate last night that "al Qaeda will view this as the day the House threw in the towel." 

Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, told lawmakers in a classified briefing that the pullout plan would hurt the war effort, said participants in the meeting.

Yeah, but the Democrats were too busy to meet and listen to the General, at least till shamed into it.

…… the general said he advised lawmakers to be wary that their words and actions deliver messages to "our coalition partners, the enemy, and frankly the men and women in uniform who are giving their all for this effort."

Democrats are careful with their words. Their words are designed to force cut and run. There is absolutely no other explanation for what they have been doing for years.

The Times also has an interesting editorial. Two lines really stand out to me

  • One might ask: What happens if the terrorist insurgents and militias haven't decided to go out of business by that time? In Congress's fantasy world, none of that matters. This legislation wasn't put together with the goal of defeating jihadists on the battlefield.
  • …by tying funding for the war to a surrender bill that the president will veto, the Democrats are showing studied contempt for our troops in the field.

Republican Surrender Monkey Walter B. Jones (NC-3rd) was one of two Republicans that voted for cut and run. Disappointing as he is from NC, and represents multiple military bases, such as Camp Lejune and Cherry Point MCAS. You can contact him here.

Furthermore, for NC residents, here is the breakdown of why he, and other NC legislators, where going to vote yes or no for the Bill.

Finally, the News And Observer entitles their story "House Votes to Wind Down The War." Wind down? In a competition, typically the teams wind down AFTER someone has won or lost. I guess the N&O is saying we lost, time to get the gear packed up and go home. Of course, there is always a next season, and it could start on home ice, if you get what I mean.

Others: Blogs For Bush, Blue Crab Boulevard, Cao's Blog, Captain's Quarters, Michelle Malkin, Powerline has the roll call, Stop The ACLUHot Air, probably lots more.

Finally, the Senate will vote on the surrender legislation today. Wouldn't it be simply precious if it was a tie vote, with Cheney casting the deciding vote? Joe Lieberman will not be voting "yea" on it, making it really close.

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Comment by darthcrUSAderworldtour2007
2007-04-26 14:32:38

I feel for the 2,996 slaughtered Americans in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania that were executed by OBL and his evil Islamomaniacs on 9-11-01. The political pimps and prostitutes that voted for SURRENDER did so from the same U.S. Capitol that United Flight 93’s heroes PROTECTED by saying “Deliver us from evil. Are you ready? Let’s Roll!” over the skies of Shanksville Pennsylvania on 9-11-01 at 10:35 a.m.! These political pimps and prostitutes would be dead right now if not for Todd Beamer and the patriots of UF 93! “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!” This is one of our nation’s worst days for this disabled Gulf War & Somalia Veteran and American…

Comment by bernie
2007-04-27 01:05:25

In a rational universe, in any previous moment in history, during a time of war these cowards would have been put up against a wall and shot. But I believe in Karma and if their actions succeed they will indeed be punished but not by loyal Americans.

Comment by darthcrUSAderworldtour2007
2007-04-27 07:33:01

Right on Patriot Bernie! I prefer saving my ammo and just hanging the treasonous bastards and letting them swing for a few days so their ilk can realize what treason IS during a time of war! Or WT’s ways of having them walk the plank after chum has been spilled about 10 miles off shore! It’s more environmentally sound since the tree huggers won’t hurt the branches, and these yellow coats would be IN the food chain! All views of American Justice would be filmed and sent to our allies and enemies as well.


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