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Beto Calls For Stripping Churches Of Tax Exempt Status If They Don’t Support Gay Marriage

The guy running for President doesn’t understand the Bill Of Rights

From The Blaze

CNN’s Don Lemon asked O’Rourke how far the government should punish organizations for following traditional religious beliefs about marriage.

“This is from your LGBTQ plan, and here’s what you right, here’s a quote, ‘freedom of religion is a fundamental right but it should not be used to discriminate,'” Lemon said.

“Do you think religious institutions, like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage?” Lemon asked.

“Yes,” O’Rourke said simply to loud applause from the LGBTQ audience.

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for any one or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” O’Rourke added.

“And so as as president, we’re gonna make that a priority,” he said, “and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the civil rights of our fellow Americans.”

Gays can always go to another church to get married. But, Progressive World is all about forcing other people to believe what Progressives believe, using the government as the stick.

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Bummer: Climate Crisis (scam) Disasters Could Get Worse If We Don’t Pass A New Green Deal

You need to be taxed out the wazoo and have your liberty, freedom, and choice removed so we can “solve” this

Climate crisis disasters that could get worse if we don’t do anything

(skipping past all the yammering about the UN IPCC saying doom is coming and typical Warmist cultism)

The “business-as-usual” scenario, referred to as RCP8.5, considers no change in the world’s greenhouse gases emissions. Under this scenario, some climate scientists estimate that temperatures would rise by over 4 degrees over preindustrial levels by the end of the century. Some anticipate even higher temperature increases. The consequences of such an increase would probably be disastrous to humanity.

24/7 Wall St. consulted reports by groups such as the IPCC, NASA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association, the U.S. Global Change Research Program and more to identify the potential effects of global climate change on the Earth and its inhabitants. Many of these predictions are based on average global temperature increases of at least 4 degrees Centigrade above preindustrial levels by 2100. Even if we manage to avoid the worst-case scenarios, many serious consequences of climate change are already being seen and felt around the world.

1. Rising temperatures

Global average temperatures could rise by as much as 7 degrees Centigrade, or 12.6 degrees Fahrenheit, by 2100. The average has risen by about 1 degree Centigrade.

Yeah, that’s not happening. Even in fantasy world that will not happen. The temperature has only risen about 1.5F since 1850, and even that could be debated as too high due to land use and the urban heat island effect artificially raising the average global temperature.

2. Even higher regional temperature increases

Regional temperatures could increase much more than the global average in North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Summer temperatures could increase by 9 degrees Centigrade, or about 16 degrees Fahrenheit, in some places.

Nope. Alarmist claptrap.

4. A rise in hurricane and storm activity

Though the jury is still out on whether global warming has significantly contributed to an increase in the frequency and strength of hurricanes affecting the USA, scientists project global warming is likely to cause a substantial increase in the severity of these events.

Hasn’t happened yet, but, SOON, right? (I’m skipping some for slight brevity)

7. Arctic-free summers

If the Earth warms by 2 degrees Centigrade above preindustrial levels, scientists predict that one out of 10 summers in the Arctic will be ice-free.

Do they really want to make this prognostication again? Hasn’t worked out too well so far.

9. Sea level rise

Warming of 4 degrees Centigrade would lead to a sea level rise of 22.6 to 35.4 feet.

The first won’t happen, so the second won’t. But, this is all about Scaremongering.

10. Long-term major sea level rise

Sea levels could rise by as much as 50 feet, meaning less livable land area for humans.

Scaremongering, with more about Florida and Bangladesh being virtually gone. Oh, and major droughts to go with the flooding. And we get

18. Increase in vector-borne diseases

19. Extreme political instability

22. Starvation and food riots

24. Mass extinction

20. Nuclear war

But, remember, they are all about Science!

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Democrat Party Supporters Burn MAGA Hats, Throw Urine, Assault Trump Supporters

Obviously, this is something that the nations two leading newspapers failed to cover. The Washington Post has a way down the page article on kids protesting a speech by Trump Jr in Florida. The NY Times discusses Trump lashing out at Dems and launching a coarse insult at Biden. ABC and CBS News mention the rally, but not the violence. Nothing from NBC. Now, just imagine these were Trump supporters acting this way at a Democrat rally

Trump protest in Minneapolis erupts in pepper spray, MAGA hat fires

Hundreds of protesters outside President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis Thursday night set fire to Make America Great Again hats and other memorabilia in an effort to show their defiance to the current administration before police broke up the crowd, reports said.

There were reports that multiple protesters were arrested. One report indicated that protesters threw urine.

Cell phone video posted by Star Tribune reporter Chao Xiong showed Trump supporters walking through a crowd of protesters outside the Target Center in Minneapolis, shouting, “Lock him up” and “Shame on you.”

A reporter for The Washington Post posted a video on Twitter that appeared to show a protester punch a Trump supporter in the back of the head as he left the rally. The crowd can be heard shouting “Nazi scum! Off our streets!” The video shows a Trump supporter being followed by protesters before someone calls out “There’s a Nazi over here,” prompting the attack.

The apparent Trump supporter was also slapped and pushed before eventually running to safety.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that police deployed pepper spray.

Police officers on horseback and bicycles formed a protective line in front of the arena, according to The Tribune. Officers with riot batons and shields also maneuvered through the crowd of protesters. The  Post captured video of one Hispanic family who wore pro-Trump clothing departing from the rally as one protester shouted “He hates you!” The mother repeated “Mexicanos for Trump!” as she left the scene.

Strangely, no article on this, though, at the WP

Now, if they want to burn MAGA hats that they purchased, that’s fine. Rude, but fine. It’s their property. And, of course, Democrats like burning things. US flags, crosses on the yards of black folks. It’s what they do. Once you start throwing urine and assaulting people, it’s gone too far. This kind of unhingedness is primarily a Democratic Party supporter thing. This is not protesting peaceably, not in the least.

Will any elected Democrat or Dem presidential candidate be asked about this? Will any denounce it?

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We’re Saved!

And this one

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Trump Looks To Increase Government Transparency

Obviously, this is an impeachable offense

Trump Moves to Increase Transparency in Government Regulations

Kevin Lunny and his family ran Drakes Bay Oyster Company for about 50 years on the Northern California coastline before the federal government shut down the business over regulations he wasn’t aware of.

“We produced nearly half of all the sustainable oysters in Northern California,” Lunny said Wednesday at the White House, before President Donald Trump signed two executive orders to prevent federal agencies from regulatory abuse.

“The National Park Service forced our oyster farm out of business,” Lunny said. “If that wasn’t enough for our family and our community, today the rest of agriculture, which includes another 24 ranchers and family farm businesses within the National Seashore, are facing the exact same process.” (snip)

One of Trump’s executive orders, titled “Bringing Guidance Out of the Darkness,” prohibits federal agencies from bypassing the cost-benefit analysis and avoiding public comment—both required when agencies adopt a regulation.

Another executive order, titled “Transparency and Fairness,” protects Americans from unlawful interpretations of existing regulations, or from unexpected penalties. Agencies would be required to proactively educate the public before imposing costly fines.

This goes right to the heart of the federal bureaucracies, which, while they certainly have some good people working there, as a collective they think they’re better than everyone else and In Charge of the American citizenry. They have their Own Ideas, turned into rules and regulations, and everyone must follow them, even when they don’t know what they are. They consistently over-reach and interpret Congressional laws how they see fit. Mission creep.

Further, this is exactly the kind of thing Trump was elected to do. He said he would take on this “deep state”, and he’s doing it. Over course, doing things like this, along with so many other things Conservative, will never see #NeverTrump give him any credit.

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If All You See…

…are pumpkins that will sooooooon! grow in December as climate change messes with the season, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with a post on Islam being “inherently queer”

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Warren Panders To Low Income Folks With $1 Trillion Climate Justice Plan

She doesn’t really explain where the money will come from, or why so many low income and “minority” folks affected live in Democratic Party run areas

Elizabeth Warren unveils a $1 trillion environmental justice plan for low-income communities

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced on Wednesday an environmental justice plan to defend low-income and minority communities against pollution, contamination and extreme weather events that are exacerbated by climate change.

The plan calls for spending at least $1 trillion in the next decade on the country’s most vulnerable communities, which are often concentrated in highly polluted areas and exposed to contamination from lead and other toxic chemicals from industrial and agricultural runoff.

“Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long,” Warren wrote in her plan.

“The same communities that have borne the brunt of industrial pollution are now on the front lines of climate change, often getting hit first and worst,” she wrote. (snip)

One recent study shows that black families are more likely to live in neighborhoods with higher concentrations of air pollution than white families, despite having equal or higher incomes. Another study finds that while white people largely cause air pollution, blacks and Latinos are more likely to breathe in that polluted air.

We can clearly see the use of ‘climate change’ as a means for the Democrats push to make everyone a Victim, along with their race-baiting. But, it is very interesting, is it not, that she fails to note that most of this occurs in the aforementioned Democrat run areas. Further, it conflates real environmental issues of pollution, which exist, let’s be clear, with a tiny increase in carbon dioxide which they say has caused a tiny increase in global temperatures.

In her plan, Warren said she would provide job training, guaranteed wage and benefit parity for fossil fuel workers transitioning into other industries, as well as pensions and early benefits for those who retire.

Yet, Liz has refused to stop using fossil fuels herself.

The plan requires $1 trillion over the next 10 years, or roughly a third of Warren’s proposed climate investment. It did not specify where that money would come from, though Warren’s original climate plan details reversing tax cuts for the country’s most wealthy through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

It comes from the Money Unicorn.

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Extinction Rebellion Says Using Alarmist Language Is Great “Cause It Works”

There was actually a brief time when members of the Cult of Climastrology advocate to not use alarmist language. There are still a few, including Michael “Robust Debate” Mann, who are not in favor of this. However, they are dinosaurs, relics of a bygone age, who have seen the climahysteria of what they’ve created pass them by

Extinction Rebellion says it’s acceptable to use ‘alarmist’ language to scare people about climate change

Extinction Rebellion has defended its use of ‘alarmist’ language, saying when it comes to forcing debate on climate change, ‘it works’.

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Zion Lights defended the organisation’s warning that billions of people would die in a relatively short time period due to global climate change or its founder’s suggestion that children would die in the next 10-20 years.

Quizzed on where the numbers had come from, she said: “We don’t know exact numbers and it’s a little bit concerning to focus just how many deaths – there will be deaths and mass suffering…”

“You’re scaring people with this rhetoric”, Neil told his interviewee, to which she replied: “I think there’s a danger of scaring people simply because we’re not taking it seriously enough and people are feeling really desperate that we’re heard on this and unfortunately alarmist language works which is why we’re discussing it right now.”

Pushed on what Neil described as the organisation’s “apocalyptic predictions” and how much scientific backing they have, Lights said: “We’re not trying to use alarmist language, we’re listening to what scientists are saying and using language that is appropriate to the situation.”

There are certainly a few scientists involved with the Cult of Climastrology who are Alarmists, but, most try and take a measured approach to their language of Doom. It’s typically those who are not doing the science who take the prognostications of doom and turn them in EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!! Is it any wonder that so many nutters are proclaiming they have eco/climate anxiety when all they hear is utter doom? That we only have 12 years left to avert Doom?

The group said its members planned to “peacefully occupy and shut down” the airport’s terminal building from 9am on Thursday by lying, sitting or gluing themselves in front of the departure and arrival gates at the east London airport.

People should just step on them.

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Washington Post: Trump Claims Of Executive Privilege Are Him Action About The Law Or Something

These types of claim only applied from January 20th, 2001 to January 19th, 2009 and January 20th, 2017 through now. There was a big black hole of coverage during eight years

Trump’s claims of executive immunity lead to criticism he is acting above the law

In a series of legal maneuvers that have defied Congress, drawn rebukes from federal judges and tested the country’s foundational system of checks and balances, President Trump has made an expansive declaration of presidential impunity that would essentially place him beyond the reach of the law.

Both in courts and before Congress, Trump’s legal teams are simultaneously arguing that the president can’t be investigated or indicted by prosecutors because Congress has the sole responsibility for holding presidents accountable, and that the House’s impeachment inquiry is an unconstitutional effort that the White House can ignore.

“We have a president who simply doesn’t believe that Congress is a coequal branch of government,” said Elliot Williams, who helped run the Justice Department’s legislative affairs office during the Obama administration. “That’s a huge departure from anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.”

The broad legal effort escalated on Tuesday when the White House counsel sent a letter to House Democratic leaders dismissing Congress’s impeachment inquiry as “illegitimate” and stating that the entire executive branch would refuse to cooperate with it. (snip)

Citing executive privilege, the Trump administration has blocked several officials from testifying before Congress or handing over documents in recent months. In a dramatic move Tuesday, the White House blocked House investigators from deposing Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, just hours before he was set to testify as part of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into whether Trump abused his office by pushing Ukraine to investigate his political rival.

It should be noted that this is in the straight news section, on the front page, not in the opinion section as you probably guess. Anyhow, consider the amount of executive privilege claimed by Barack Obama during the Operation Fast and Furious probe, for which we still haven’t gotten all the information. Heck, Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress over this. Then there was the IRS targeting scandal, Hillary Clinton’s server issue, Benghazi, and all the money and removal of sanctions regarding Iran.

Seriously, executive privilege has been used quite a bit. Bill Clinton used it during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment issue quite a bit. The media was not quite sure what was going on there, either. Other presidents have used it, as well.

By defying the impeachment inquiry, Trump has essentially set off a constitutional power struggle between the legislative and the executive branches.

After 2010, Obama’s entire legacy is based on executive privilege and executive actions. Oh, right, 2009-2016 doesn’t exist. My bad.

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