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McKayla’s Not Impressed

President Barack Obama talks on the phone with members of the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team during a phone call from Air Force One. The President called the women to congratulate them on their gold medal in the team competition. Apparently, I’m not supposed to do anything mean to official White House photos which are […]

Proving That Cows Are The Coolest Animal In The Barnyard…

…they know where all the best parties are (CBS News) Boxford, Massachusetts is a quiet suburban town of about 8,000 people north of Boston – not exactly a one-horse town – maybe more of a “six cow town.” That’s how many cattle crashed a backyard party Sunday night and started drinking the beer, police said, […]

Hitler On Obama Eating A Dog

You had to know this was coming

Freaky The Scary Snowman Scaring Puppy Dogs

Sneaky The Freaky Snowman Season 2 Episode 3

Just released about 40 minutes ago Make sure to head over to Freaky’s Facebook page and like it.

Hey, I Thought Snowmen Were A Thing Of The Past?

Didn’t they tell us snow was a thing of the past? Oh, wait, my bad, snow is now caused by warmth or something. Anyhow, it’s been a long time since I saw the Freaky The Scary Snowman vids (Facebook page), via The Chive

Whoops! PC Linked To Billboard Shows P0rn

This Should Make People Think Twice About Using A Work PC To Look At P0rn. Of, course, they probably shouldn’t have had to think very hard to say to themselves “this is a Bad Idea“ Pedestrians of Oubei Town (瓯北镇) in the city of Wenzhou got an eyeful on Wednesday, when a large LED billboard […]

Bad News: Someone Kidnapped TOTUS

A bit of humor (Politico) A truck carrying President Obama’s podium, teleprompter and audio equipment was stolen in Richmond, Va., a local news outlet reports. Sources tell WWBT/NBC12 that around $200,000 of presidential equipment was stolen from a Richmond Marriott hotel location in advance of Wednesday’s presidential visit to Chesterfield, Va. Well, that’s some good […]

So, Obama Gave A Speech And …. “Squirrel!”

Meanwhile, In Australia…

Something lighthearted for a Friday. But, then, perhaps someone needs to do the same for Sarah Palin, who still can’t decide, after 3 friggin’ years, if she is going to run or not. “This is a serious decision, and I’ve engaged in serious deliberations. So within the next 24 hours don’t look for me to […]

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