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Globull Warming Activist Ship Still Stuck In Heavy Antarctic Ice

I’ve been rather remiss in covering this hilarious story. Anthony Watts notes that it is best summed up by this Tweet The BBC writes A third attempt to rescue a ship stranded off East Antarctica since Tuesday has failed because of fierce winds and poor visibility. An Australian icebreaker trying to reach the Russian […]

Something Nice For Trish

I may not always respond in the comments, but I do read them. Here’s one of the best Christmas songs, by Nat King Cole OK, that was more funny than nice. Awesome Christmas stuff below the fold

Uh Oh: 501st Person Accessed

Conversely, this is what happens to many bathrooms post-Thanksgiving meals.

When We Cuddle…

The Hippo And His Tiny Train

Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty For Punxsutawney Phil

You can probably guess why (Washington Post) As severe cold grips the eastern U.S. on March 21, Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast for an early spring is best described as an epic failure.  The prosecuting attorney of Butler County, Ohio, Michael Gmoser, wants the groundhog to pay for his flawed prediction, with his life. Gmoser filed an […]

Obama Goes Manly Shooting!

In case you missed it, El Presidente’s office released a picture of Obama shooting a *gasp* gun, supposedly when he was skeet shooting. Which seems strange, since usually one aims a bit higher when shooting skeet, but, hey, he was shooting a gun, which is meant to allay our fears that he wants to take […]

I’m Concerned About The Weather Forecast

Just A Camel Laughing While Being Tickled

Grumpy Cat Is Not Impressed

It was confirmed that McKayla did her “not impressed” face, and, I’ll give it to Barack, he had some fun with it. Ah, but the official White House photo was doctored! Here’s the real one

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