Obama Goes Manly Shooting!

In case you missed it, El Presidente’s office released a picture of Obama shooting a *gasp* gun, supposedly when he was skeet shooting. Which seems strange, since usually one aims a bit higher when shooting skeet, but, hey, he was shooting a gun, which is meant to allay our fears that he wants to take our guns away.

Breitbart notices the disclaimer (which is on every photo the Commissar’s office, er, Obama White House publishes) which says, essentially, don’t screw with the pictures, which, in case they haven’t noticed in the Commissar’s office, er, O White House, those are public domain and owned by the taxpayers of this country. And there’s that little Title 17 U.S.C., section 107 which allows me to do evil things like this

Doug Ross is getting a good chuckle out of O’s shooting, and has a few photoshops from others. Michelle Obama’s Mirror flaunts the prohibition from Der Commissar’s office.. Sooper Mexican even has an animated one. The Lonely Conservative admires O shooting in Mom Jeans.

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4 Responses to “Obama Goes Manly Shooting!”

  1. john says:

    shooting from the 1st or 8th position at the low clays it look about right. They come out at 3′ They only go to a height of 15′

  2. Brian says:

    LOL, you’re so full of sh!t, John.

    BTW, only that putz, Obama, would “shoot skeet” with a Russian Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (probably a toy), instead of with a conventional shotgun.

  3. Brian says:

    As Dam Ackroyd would say; John, you ignorant slut.

    John never has his facts straight, and with good reason:

    Like the liars on MSNBC, that liar makes up his so called “facts” as he goes along, embellishing on lies with more lies. A typical Liberal crackpot.

    Never mind that he is too stupid to realize that that picture was a parody which had been photoshopped.

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