When We Cuddle…

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3 Responses to “When We Cuddle…”

  1. Jeffery says:

    One can’t help but notice your “uncomfortable” relationship with females.

  2. Oh, good grief, you liberals have no sense of humor.

    You do know it’s the Halloween season, right?

  3. My_Gumballs_Are_Bigger_Than_Yours says:

    Typical, conservatives with a christian-bent only want to sacrifice their women and children to Satan.

    Come to the LIGHT side where we don’t believe in God, Satan, or anything with morality. Heck, we don’t even believe in our fellow man. We don’t even have faith in GAIA. However, Mother Socialism will care, protect and guide you all. I say so, therefore it is true. I know it is true, because being outside of Socialism I can dictate how it will affect other, lower, people who are incapable of living, without Socialism in their lives. Socialism is best for others.

    So, come join us. And by “us” I don’t mean me, I mean them.

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