So, Obama Gave A Speech And …. “Squirrel!”

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4 Responses to “So, Obama Gave A Speech And …. “Squirrel!””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    The dumbest thing about this play is Oswalt and Manual complaining.

    What do they want? A do-over because the pitch was inside?

  2. I think they want Obama to make a speech about how evil Big Squirrel is, how they damage Main Street, and how they should be taxed.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Or even have the squirrel pay for the squirrels who have not paid back funds from the TARP program.

    I hope you caught that.

    Obama is demanding financial institutions who have paid back the TARP funds and financial institutions that have over $50 billion in assets to pay fees to reestablish the TARP fund.

    This means that even companies that never took bail out money are being forced to pay for those who did and have not yet paid it back.

    But the fees only apply to financial institutions – not companies like GM and Chrysler. Those firms get to keep plugging along. In fact, automaker bailout is projected to cost $400 million more than thought, bringing the cost of bailing them out to over $14 billion.

    So while the banks are paying for the bailouts of other industries, GM announced a labor agreement with pay hikes for and a $3000 “signing bonus” for all workers.

    Just another day in crony capitalism.

  4. Stix says:

    Got to love the Cards Rally Squirrel

    Find him on twitter @BuschSquirrel

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