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Memorial Day 2019 Pinups (Sticky For The Day)

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Merry Christmas! (sticky for the day)

Merry Christmas to all my readers and their families. Hope it is a wonderful day full of love and friendship. And some new pinups!

How Did “Silent Night” Become Such A Christmas Classic?

I like the song. It’s catchy, it’s not overblown, I haven’t heard a “today’s hot music” artist ruin in. It tends not to play on most business music systems, so you aren’t overloaded by listening to it again and again and again. How about you? Do you like it? (I also have an ulterior motive […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause

Every Christmas, once everyone is up, Christmas greetings were made, hugs were exchanged, the presents were opened, and breakfast was being made, I would read this first in the paper (ye olde parental units get an actual paper, and they live in NJ). It is a Christmas classic that has always touched my soul. While […]

White Christmas’ Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past Or Something

If only you’d let the government impost a carbon tax on you along with giving up lots of your freedom, we could solve this Your white Christmas is on the way out Global warming is winning the war on Christmas. Scientists studying temperatures have been recording markedly hotter winters over the past 50 years. For […]

Loony Lefty Churches Sing Rewritten Christmas Songs About ‘Climate Change’

I wonder how many of the Progressive parishioners drove their fossil fueled vehicle to the church? Progressive churches are singing rewritten Christmas carols to fight climate change Some progressive churches in Australia are teaming up to fight climate change this Christmas season — and are singing rewritten Christmas carols to get the job done. Check […]

Say, What Would Jesus Say About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

So, yeah, of course it’s that time of the year where the Cult of Climastrology attempts to link their insane anti-science beliefs to all things Christmas, and there is nothing more Christmas than Jesus. UK Guardian writer Megan Mayhew makes a big, big admission about ‘climate change’, though What would Jesus do? Talking with evangelicals […]

Today’s Christmas Offend Is On *Spins Wheel* T-Shirts

To think, it used to be if someone wanted to be Offended they would have to make an actual phone call, write a letter, or just complain to your friends What's Offending us today, Christmas edition — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) December 8, 2018 From the link A U.K.-based clothing retailer has yanked one of its […]

Who’s Up For The Reindeer Monologues?

If you saw the last two words and thought “Vagina Monologues”, you’d be pretty close. I’d ask them to do the Mohammed Monologues, but, even these religion haters know better than to say something which will get them credible death threats Review: ‘Reindeer Monologues’ uses Christmas to create provocative critique “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues,” which […]

Happy Thanksgiving! (sticky for day)

Wishing the best to you and your family.

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