Surprise: Liberals In SCB Totally Agree With Booting Illegals From Logan Airport

Hmm, whatever happened to all that charity and support for migrants/illegals by Democrats? Oh, right, they’re good with this as long as they aren’t in Sanctuary City Boston

Readers agree with Gov. Healey’s ban on migrants sleeping at Logan Airport

Newly arrived migrant families and homeless individuals will be banned from sleeping overnight at Logan International Airport starting Tuesday, amid a shortage of space at state shelters.

In an announcement on June 28, Healey said sleeping overnight in Logan Airport will no longer be permitted as of July 9. Staff members at Logan will inform families of the new policy and will help them secure transportation to another location where they have family or other options for a safe place to stay, according to the release.

Instead, they’ll be sent to the old Norfolk prison shelter, which is, get this, outside of Boston to the southwest.

When we asked readers to weigh in, they overwhelmingly agreed with the policy. Ninety-six percent of the 651 respondents to our poll said they support the governor’s decision to bar overnighting at Logan, with just 4% against it.

“Enough is enough! The line needs to be drawn somewhere and Maura Healey’s decision to bar people from sleeping overnight at Logan Airport is absolutely the right one,” reader Jeff from Natick said. (snip)

“I think the state has done its best to try to find alternative living situations for people on a temporary basis, including the new facility in Norfolk. I think it’s the right move to say that we can’t keep having families living at Logan, and I applaud the efforts to try to find alternative places for people to stay,” Thielman added.

Yeah, and those who are having to travel through the airport aren’t particularly thrilled with a whole bunch of illegals wandering around, sleeping, panhandling. And the illegals are in Boston, not elsewhere.

“The airport is not equipped to house anyone. Living in an airport with kids is not safe. I also think it’s time to revisit the sanctuary status, not to stop it but so that the influx of migrants can be controlled so a better chance of success and the proper amount of funds are allocated.”

Controlled better, so they are somewhere else other than Boston.

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