New Poll Has Trump Leading In Every Swing State

Here’s the question: can Trump ignore his normal instincts and say the things that will help get him elected again?

Emerson Poll: Donald Trump Leads Biden in Every Key Swing State

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in six swing states, an Emerson/DemNextGen poll found Monday, further fueling fears among Democrats about Biden’s political viability.

Trump leads in every swing state by at least three points, except in Michigan, where he leads by one:

Pennsylvania – Trump: 48% (+5) Biden: 43%

Wisconsin – Trump: 47% (+3) Biden: 44% 

Michigan – Trump: 45% (+1) Biden: 44%

Nevada – Trump: 47% (+6) Biden: 41%

Arizona – Trump: 46% (+4) Biden: 42% 

Georgia – Trump: 47% (+5) Biden: 42%

Trump increased his lead over Biden in Georgia (+1), Nevada (+4), and Pennsylvania (+3), the July Emerson poll shows compared to June’s poll.

Has Trump learned anything over the years? Will he continue to allow Biden to make mistakes, and do things like just talk about policy? Or will he do the things that drive people away? The election is 4 months away.

House and Senate races draw renewed focus for Democrats after Biden’s bad debate

President Joe Biden’s shaky debate performance has turned more attention in the Democratic Party on races further down the ballot, with donors, candidates and strategists looking for ways to shore up a congressional firewall against the chance of another Donald Trump presidency.

One major liberal fundraising group said it has seen a big uptick in donor interest in its down-ballot efforts. Battleground candidates are largely keeping their heads down amid intraparty handwringing about whether Biden should stay in the race. And Democratic strategists involved in House and Senate races are noting that their candidates have long been running far ahead of Biden in public and private polling, as the president has struggled to consolidate the party’s base, including Black voters and young voters.

The big concern now is that those voters, unenthusiastic about their choices at the top of the ticket and perhaps newly concerned about Biden after the debate, decide not to show up in November, depriving other Democrats of their votes.

And see, this is a huge concern. It really will come down to the notion that if Trump wins, the GOP will keep the House and most likely the Senate, and state elections will trend towards Republicans. If Biden wins, it will most likely mean Dems take the House, keep the Senate, and there could be bad news in the states. Trump needs to do the wise things politically. Will he?

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